Where To Find Swimsuits For New Moms


You might be thinking that as a new mom, there is no way you are getting into a swimsuit this summer.  Why not?  So you might not be down to your goal weight or you might feel a bit uncomfortable with your appearance, but that doesn’t mean you have to spend your time at the beach all covered up.  There are plenty of swimsuits out there that are designed to help you feel good about yourself!  Check out some of these swimsuits for new moms below!

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Swimsuits For New Moms

Miraclesuit: Their slogan is ‘Look 10 lbs. Lighter in 10 Seconds’.  Who doesn’t want that?! These swimsuits for new moms are priced decently, ranging from $50-$200.  With so many styles to choose from, you should be able to find a style you fall in love with and makes you look (and feel) amazing.  Tube top style, halter top, a cross over top or something else, what’s your style?  While you are on the website , check out their other slimming clothing options such as Magicsuit and Miraclebody Jeans.

Spanx: Yes, they sell swimwear!  And they are super cute too!  From a plunging neckline to a retro look, you are sure to find the right one for you.  And to think they are so slimming too!  Check out www.spanx.com for their entire selection on styles and colors.  Who knows, you may just want to purchase some of the undergarments as well!

L.L.Bean: This is always a great go-to company for women’s clothing and swimsuits for the right fit for women.  They have many slimming styles to choose from that won’t make you feel like a grandma on the beach (no offense to any grandma’s reading this!)

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Venus: Venus is a great site to check out for some amazing, feminine swimsuits for new moms.  I actually got one of my swimsuits here after I had my daughter.  Sometimes, when you can not find something that will hold your tummy in, you want to go for accentuating your assets.  Draw attention away from your problem areas!  Check out what they have to offer at www.venus.com

Keep in mind, fluorescent lights do not flatter anyone!  When you are trying on swimsuits, think about the fit and how you feel in it.  It can be hard, but think, you just had a baby! Unless you are a celebrity who can call on a personal trainer 24/7, you are not going to bounce right back to your pre-baby body.  And if you have a personal trainer on call for you, please share him with the rest of us!


Where have you found some post-baby swimsuits for new moms that you just fell in love with?  Share your faves with us below!

25 thoughts on “Where To Find Swimsuits For New Moms”

  1. My mother found a very cute maternity swimsuit at Sears that I wore thru 2 twin pregnancies and for about a year after each one. It held up beautifully and was actually not expensive.

  2. I wish I had seen this post after my last two kids. I have refrained ever since then from wearing a swim suit. I think I’m going to give one of these a try.

  3. This is a great post. So many new Moms would like to be back out there and go to the beach but are hesitant about the swimsuits. Darker colours such as black , brown and red are great as well

  4. I will definitely be checking out venus.com for the upcoming swimsuit season! I can always use help finding styles that are attractive for Moms and accentuate my positives!

  5. I remember that being a tough time to find a suit, however I had only one baby in June so I wasn’t going to the pool that much. The other ones were fall kids so I was back in shape by next season.

  6. Robin (Masshole Mommy)

    This is great to know. I have 2 sisters in law who are pregnant right now, so this will help them I’m sure.

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