5 Best Post-Pregnancy Workout Books to Whip You Back into Shape

Post-pregnancy workout books are a great tool for helping you get back into shape after delivery. Check out five of our favorites!

Post pregnancy workout books are a great tool for helping you get back into shape after delivery. It can be incredibly difficult for many new moms to get back into an exercise routine after having had a baby. We are exhausted; our bodies hurt; the baby won’t stop crying, and for some of us the idea of getting back to our routine is frightening (well, at least it was for me!).

But the benefits of taking the time to exercise as new moms are really important: it can help us regain strength and flexibility that may have diminished during pregnancy; and it can help us feel better, both inside and out. Who wouldn’t want that?

The following is a list of some of the best post-pregnancy workout books out there, which take into account the unique needs of moms after delivery. And the good news is, you can just keep wearing those yoga pants!

Fantastic Post-Pregnancy Workout Books

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“Baby Bod: Turn Flab Into Fab In Twelve Weeks Flat!” by Marianne Ryan

Don’t be put off by the book’s title: this book is a gem for moms who want to ease themselves back into exercise after baby. With exercises aimed at re-strengthening core muscles, to detailed workout sheets to help new moms keep track of gains in strength and flexibility, this was one of my go-to books after I delivered my son. The books also focus on overall health and self-care, which is so important for any new mom. You can find it on Amazon.

“New Mommy, Hot Body” by Marie Martinez

Another great read, which guides women through their fitness and weight loss journeys after childbirth. The focus is on safe and natural weight loss, with illustrations of detailed step-by-step instructions of the proper techniques for different exercises from your neck to your feet! A great resource for new moms. You can find it for your Kindle on Amazon here.

“Super Fit Mama: Stay Fit During Pregnancy And Get Your Body Back After Baby” by Tracey Mallett

A fabulous book for moms who want to exercise but are short on time – and isn’t that all of us? Mallett’s exercise routines can be as short and as intense as you need them to be. With a combination of recipes, fitness tips, and inspiration, this book is a must for moms! Find it on Amazon.

“Exercise After Pregnancy: How To Look And Feel Your Best” by Helene Byrne

Featuring a safe way for new moms to get back into exercising postpartum, Byrne’s book is a great addition to any mama’s bookshelf. Her routines are safe, very effective and also easy to follow. Byrne guides new moms with exercises focusing on the abdominal muscles and pelvic floor, to help moms regain their pre-baby strength. You can find it on Amazon.

“One Hot Mama: The Guide To Getting Your Mind And Body Back After Baby” by Erin Cox

A book about healthy lifestyle changes to help new moms lose pregnancy weight and feel better about themselves. Author Cox recognizes that pregnancy is not only a physical journey but a powerfully emotional one as well. New moms will feel empowered to take control of their minds and bodies while nurturing their spirits. You can find it here.

Deciding to get back into exercising is a big step after giving birth. It’s important to find a safe and effective way to get back in shape that works for you – and even more important is to try to remember to be kind to yourself during the process… You grew a human in your belly for nine months, after all!

I am positive that with any of the above best post-pregnancy workout books you’ll find your groove, and find a way to exercise that best suits you as a new mom!

Did you have any favorite post-pregnancy workout books? Share in the comments!

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  1. Those sound like some great books. I can be hard to get back in shape after having kids. I’m sure these books help out a lot too.

  2. These sound like amazing books to help get your body back after birth. I wasnt in shape before i got prwgnant, but i do weigh less than i did before. But thats cause i breastfeed.

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