9 PostPartum Essentials That Every Momma Needs to Have

Making your baby registry? Don’t forget something for yourself! Check out 9 postpartum essentials that every momma needs to have!

Planning your baby registry? Make sure you add these postpartum essentials to your list! Whether you’re a first-time mom or a fourth-time mom, you’re guilty of the same thing: forgetting that you have essential items that you’ll need during the postpartum phase. Most moms will put their needs on the back burner because of the concern they have in making sure that their new baby has all the things he or she needs, this is not unusual. We’re here to help you remember that you need aftercare as well. We’ve compiled a list of nine postpartum essentials that every momma needs. These items are designed to help you with your transition from pregnancy to being a new mom.

Postpartum Essentials Every Mom Needs

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Maxi Pads


It’s inevitable, you will have your monthly cycle in a big way after birth. Since you’ll be unable to use tampons, you’ll need Maxi Pads9-postpartum-essentials-every-mom-needs because most women do bleed heavily after birth, and for a longer period of time. Be sure to get at least a couple of packages, just in case.

Tucks/Witch Hazel Pads


Most mommas will have hemorrhoids during and after birth if you’re one of the lucky ones that didn’t, Kudos! Even if you don’t have hemorrhoids, Witch Hazel Pads9-postpartum-essentials-every-mom-needs also great for soothing any itching or burning you may have. Witch hazel has many other uses as well, so it’s great to keep around.

Sitz or Herbal Bath


Whether or not you had a natural birth or a C-section, you should definitely go out and purchase one of these. Sitz Baths are great for soothing wounds, aches & pains, healing tears, and even perineal bruising. Pair it with some bath herbs, and we promise you’ll feel better.

Numbing Spray


It goes without saying that all moms will be a little sore down there after giving birth, so the numbing spray can turn out to be one of your best friends. It’s easy to use and there are many brands to choose from for consumers.

Nipple Cream

Chapped and cracked nipples are a part of breastfeeding, but with nipple cream, this can be lessened quite a bit. It’s good to use a dab or so between feedings to help lessen the sting and pain.

Peri Bottle

After having a child, many times it will sting when you try to urinate for a few days. A peri bottle can help lessen the burning you’ll feel. You’ll usually get one from the hospital to go home with, but having an extra doesn’t hurt.

Nursing Bras

It would be best to stock up on nursing bras9-postpartum-essentials-every-mom-needs, 5-7 of them should do the trick. If you’re breastfeeding, leaking throughout your day is not unusual, that’s why it’s best to have a few extra at your disposal.

Stool Softeners

Along with any soreness, you’ll be feeling down there, using the bathroom after birth will probably be as painful as giving birth. The best thing to do after your little one has arrived is to start taking stool softeners9-postpartum-essentials-every-mom-needs to lessen the blow, so to speak. You’ll most likely only need them for about a week, but they are great to have for those painful bathroom trips.

Nursing Pillow


Nursing pillows9-postpartum-essentials-every-mom-needs are one thing that should be on every new momma list for both you and your tiny tot. They not only help take some of the strain off of positioning your baby during feeding time (for both bottle and breastfeeding, by the way), they take some of the load off your back. If you’re recovering from a c-section, they also help take some of the pressure off your incision.

The best time to stock up on postpartum essentials is, of course, BEFORE your baby arrives! That way, you’re prepared for anything!

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10 thoughts on “9 PostPartum Essentials That Every Momma Needs to Have”

  1. I am not pregnant nor have I been in years, but that sitz soak sounds pretty awesome to me. I would love to try it.

  2. It is important to think ahead when you know a baby is coming. We loved our Boppy and it got lots of use for years.

  3. It’s definitely going to be helpful to pick up some self-care products like ahead of time. It’s surprising how quickly you can go through them if you have discomfort.

  4. A nursing pillow is always an awesome option. Whether you breast feed or give the bottle, a nursing pillow makes things SO much easier.

  5. Great, great picks. No one tells you just how much birth and they days following birth are. Stool softeners are actually a must have that most moms don’t even think about.

  6. Stacie @ Divine Lifestyle

    These are all such great products! The mom washer is pure genius. I remember the days of trying to go to the bathroom while I held my babies.

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