The Stork is Landing Soon in Canada! #TheStorkIsComing

The Stork is Landing Soon in Canada! #TheStorkIsComing

Are you ready for the NEW, over-the-counter conception aid? The Stork is coming to Canada this summer. Available exclusively at your local Rexall Pharmacy. Sign up for special offers and to be notified when it is available in-store here: #TheStorkIsComing

12 thoughts on “The Stork is Landing Soon in Canada! #TheStorkIsComing”

  1. I always like to wait a while before I try stuff like this. I’m intrigued to find out how everyone else will feel about it. Please keep us updated! I will try to follow!

  2. This sounds like a great idea for women, I am from the US so I don’t understand how it works in Canada. In the US, you have to have a prescription for birth control except for the emergency plan b pill.

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