Five of the Best Pregnancy Tests


Your period is late and you’re thinking “maybe I’m pregnant!” All you have to do is run to the store and pick up a pregnancy test to confirm (or deny). So you hop in your car and head to the nearest retail store with a family planning section and make your way down that magical aisle. Once you get there, though, a simple task becomes one of major confusion! Staring you in the face is not one brand, not three brands, not even five brands of tests. No, you’re likely looking at an entire half-aisle filled with over a dozen different types! How do you know which ones are the best pregnancy tests?

Here’s the thing: most pregnancy tests are created equal. These days, home pregnancy tests are more accurate than ever before. Getting that $20 test isn’t really going to change the answer any more than, say, that $5 test. In fact, you can pay as little as $0.20 and still get a highly accurate test! Take a look at our opinions on the five best pregnancy tests. You may be surprised!

Let me just add that during the six years I spent trying to get pregnant, I took a lot of pregnancy tests. I did an insane amount of research to find the best ones that wouldn’t bust my budget.  When I did finally get pregnant, I was so excited that I bought 4 different types of tests just to double-check (quadruple-check?) the results!

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5 Best Pregnancy Tests

1- Dollar store brand pregnancy tests-

Believe it or not, one of the best pregnancy tests that you can find is at your local dollar store. Back in my days of trying to conceive, dollar store tests were among the most recommended on the message boards. The major downside of these tests is that you have to collect your sample in a cup (not provided), then use the dropper to add it to the test. Still, they’re great for when you don’t want to put out a ton of cash for a test!

2- Bulk Pregnancy Strips

Buying pregnancy strips in bulk is even more budget-friendly than dollar store tests. Confirm Biosciences has a kit available on Amazon for $40 that comes with 100 pregnancy tests and 100 ovulation tests. That’s $0.20 per test! These are the best pregnancy tests for someone who is trying to conceive and will need to test more often. I used something similar to confirm my pregnancy. Again, these aren’t the most convenient tests, because you will need to collect your sample in a cup and dip the stick into the sample.

3- Digital Pregnancy Tests-

Several brands now offer tests that provide digital readouts. What makes these among the best pregnancy tests? One thing- no guesswork! See, sometimes the non-digital tests can be a little tricky to read. If you test too early, for example, your second line could be so faint that you need a microscope and a spotlight to see it! I remember when my test finally came back positive, I had to scan it into my computer and enhance the image to make sure that second line was really there. Digital tests give you a flat-out, no-nonsense “yes” or “no” answer. The downside is they’re costlier than all the other types of tests.

4- Early Pregnancy Tests-

Once upon a time, you had to actually wait until you were late before a test could confirm pregnancy. Now, they make tests that can confirm up to 5 days before your missed period. First Response can detect up to 6 days beforehand! That’s fantastic for when you really need to know. The downside is, some early pregnancies result in miscarriage before you even know you’re pregnant. In most cases, you never even know this has occurred. Taking a test so early could result in crushing heartbreak if you’ve been trying to conceive for a long time.

5- Blood tests-

A blood test remains one of the absolute best pregnancy tests to determine whether or not you’re really pregnant. Of all the tests, it’s the one that really can’t fall victim to human error. Well, typically not. Occasionally lab techs write things down wrong or records get mixed up. For the most part, though, they’re still the most accurate.

A word about homemade pregnancy tests

What about homemade pregnancy tests? They do exist, and no, we’re not talking about the kind that kill bunnies! For the record, it wasn’t the pregnancy hormone that used to kill those rabbits. It was the act of cutting them open to look at their ovaries that did them in! The bunny test wasn’t the only homemade pregnancy test out there. There are a few other methods that are far more humane. If you want to try them out as a sort of science experiment, go for it. Just don’t rely on them for a foolproof medical answer.

The easiest of the homemade pregnancy tests is the Pine-Sol test. With this test, you urinate into a cup. Pour the cup into another cup of Pine-Sol.  Theoretically, if the color changes, you’re pregnant.  The toothpaste test is another of the homemade pregnancy test that’s relatively easy. Just mix your urine with a bit of toothpaste. If it froths, supposedly you’re pregnant. Again, these homemade pregnancy tests are just for experimenting and fun. They are not accurate!

The main thing to remember when trying to determine the best pregnancy tests to use is that they all rely on correct use. Even the most accurate test on the market could give you a false negative if you use it too early or incorrectly.


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  2. I chuckle when i see the ones at the Dollar Store, yet why not!? I’m sure if a test came back positive, you’d double-check with a doc appt as well. Myself – I always just went to the doctor and asked and they tested me. Yeah, it’s free but also I wanted a ‘sure answer’.

    1. That’s awesome that you can go get tested for free by a doctor. The US is a little behind the rest of the developed world when it comes to health care. Even low-cost clinics charge as much as you’d pay for a store test. In fact, they say their tests are less sensitive than those you buy in the store!

  3. It is hard to wait with the pregnancy tests. Although the digitals are more accurate earlier than others, it still is best to wait due to the early miscarriages etc. They are also more expensive and I remember going through many of the tests because of the excitement and anticipation. Thanks for the great article explaining the different tests available!

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