Fertility Tracking Made Easy with OvulationCalendar.com

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Did you know that approximately 11% of US women up to age 44 have difficulty conceiving or carrying a child to term? That’s a HUGE percent when you’re talking about medical conditions. Think about that. More than 1 in 10! As part of that 11%, I know just how devastating infertility is on every aspect of your life.

It took me six very long, very difficult years to conceive my son. Back then, my method of tracking my cycles, temperatures and fertile days consisted of a pen and paper. It wasn’t the best system, especially for someone like me who has difficulty processing data in her mind. I’m all right brain. Creative and imaginative but a total disaster with numbers.

I would have done backflips of joy if I had OvulationCalendar.com to help me. It’s not only incredibly easy to use, it’s also by far the best tool of its kind that I’ve ever seen.

What makes OvulationCalendar.com different?


First of all, it’s free. Absolutely free, as in “no credit card required” free. Not a free trial. Free. Now, for a free ovulation calendar, I thought maybe they’d just let you put in the date of your last period and call it a day.

Let me tell you, this is by far one of the most complete ovulation calendar and fertility trackers that I’ve ever seen. It’s definitely the most complete tracker that you can use free of charge. Exactly what can you track with OvulationCalendar.com, beyond the basics like the date of your last cycle, how long it lasted, how heavy it was? Each day, you can also track:

  • Your basal body temperature
  • Important details about your cervix (mucus consistency, firmness, position)
  • Whether or not you had sex that day.
  • Your moods
  • Your weight, diet and level of physical fitness activity
  • Health symptoms (did you have a migraine? Cramps? Nausea?)

What makes OvulationCalendar.com different?

OvulationCalendar.com even asks you how long you slept last night! If that’s not enough, you have space for your own personal daily diary. When you’re done filling in your daily information, OvulationCalendar.com takes you back to your dashboard. There, you can see your most fertile days, get tips on whether you should do the baby dance (that’s TTC talk for “have sex”) and even see when to expect your next cycle to start.

What makes OvulationCalendar.com different?

Obviously, OvulationCalendar.com doesn’t know your entire medical history. It’s not a replacement for your doctor or fertility specialist. It is, however, an amazing tool to use alongside your doctor’s recommendations. Back when I was trying for years, I kept a log BECAUSE my doctor recommended it.

One more thing that makes OvulationCalendar.com so special is the incredibly diverse team behind it. From expert data analysts to fertility specialists to moms who have been on the long road to fertility themselves, it’s obvious that a pretty passionate team goes into creating this incredible fertility tracking tool. They’ve set out to make the most accurate fertility prediction system available. From what I can see, they’re succeeding.

Sign up for FREE at OvulationCalendar.com and start tracking your cycles.

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25 thoughts on “Fertility Tracking Made Easy with OvulationCalendar.com”

  1. Elaine Buonsante

    How I wish I’d had this aid 40 years ago when countless months passed while I was trying to conceive my first child!

  2. Such a great information indeed! Going to be very helpful for people who are trying to conceive. Will have to share this with my friend as she is trying to get pregnant. Thanks for sharing this ovulation calendar.

  3. This is awesome! I used an ovulation calculator to conceive with my third child and it was so nice taking the guess out of everything. OvulationCalendar.com sounds wonderful and will certainly be a big help to those who need to use it!

  4. Robin (Masshole Mommy)

    Wow, this sounds perfect. I love how advanced technology is and how much easier it makes everything!

  5. This would be such a helpful app for someone who is trying to get pregnant. I will have to share this with some friends.

  6. This is a great resource for those trying to have a baby. Anything that takes some of the stress of is welcome and nice, I’m sure!

  7. I am sure this is going to be an amazing help to those counting days and trying to get pregnant.
    So many new tools that have just sprung lately to make life easier for us, right?

  8. Oh how great! I will have to check this out! No one knows really but I’m currently tracking and I’m having hard time with the two apps I have!

  9. Ahhhh, tracking a few years ago was a nightmare and so complicated. I’m glad that there are sites like this that make things a little easier!

  10. This sounds like an awesome way to keep track of what’s happening in your body. It seems like the have all bases covered when it comes to the variables.

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