Canada Sings with Avril Lavigne in Support of Women’s College Hospital #WCHFRaiseUrVoice

Dislosure: this post is brought to you by Women’s College Hospital Foundation

I just love when celebrities go above and beyond to give back. It sends such a positive message to the world!  Avril Lavigne is the perfect example of such a role model. Back in August, she called on fans in Toronto and around the world to raise their voices in support of Women’s College Hospital. The world responded! Now you can download the song and help support the hospital too!


Avril Lavigne Keep Holding On: Recorded Live at Women’s College Hospital

Head over to iTune and download a copy of Keep Holding On  Not only will you get an amazing song by Avril Lavigne, you’ll be supporting a great cause too! The proceeds from every download go to Women’s College Hospital. What makes this song so unique? It features voices from the Raise Your Voice campaign! The voices were submitted by people across Canada via a website! Anyone could participate!  If you participated in the campaign, you may hear your own voice singing along with Avril. How awesome is that? Didn’t participate? It’s still  neat to hear everyday people singing along with such an amazing celebrity!

Ontario-born Avril Lavigne partnered with Women’s College Hospital through her own charitable organization, the Avril Lavigne Foundation. She started the foundation to raise awareness to support children with serious disabilities or illnesses. I’ve always admired Avril. She came into the music scene at a time when a lot of younger girls were trying so hard to fit into cookie-cutter molds. Yet she never gave in to that world. She was an original, true to herself. She writes all her own music, whcih shows that her talent goes beyond just a pretty voice. Knowing that she is so dedicated to helping children and families in need just makes her even more impressive. She’s truly a role model that parents can be proud to have their daughters admire.

Women’s College Hospital: Helping Families Throughout All Phases of Life

Women’s College Hospital is an independently run hospital in Ontario that happens to be the first and only in the region with a focus on women’s health. The hospital was founded in 1883. At that time universities refused to admit women to medical school programs. Women’s College Hospital stepped up to solve that problem.  This allowed women to step into roles that were filled almost entirely by men. It also allowed women patients to receive  services by other women. In keeping with their original mission, the hospital continues to focus primarily on issues that affect women, which in turn helps keep families healthy and strong.

The hospital has an amazing program called Reproductive Life Stages Program. It helps women throughout all stages of their reproductive health, from trying to get pregnant to  post-partum depression. The hospital offers education, short-term psychotherapy and medication to help you through it all. Their gynecology program also offers screening services for issues that may  affect fertility.

Wouldn’t it be awesome to help support such an amazing cause this holiday season? Head over to iTunes now and download Keep Holding On. It’s only $1.29, yet it can make such a difference in the lives of many families. Share your support for Women’s College Hospital and raise awareness about the song by tweeting with the hashtag #WCHRaiseUrVoice.


8 thoughts on “Canada Sings with Avril Lavigne in Support of Women’s College Hospital #WCHFRaiseUrVoice”

  1. What a wonderful song and hospital. I love that it is solely focused on women. Such a ground breaking hospital in its time that has grown over the years to still support women’s rolls in medicine.

  2. This is brilliant! I love the idea that so many other women are featured in the track. And I love the idea of the Women’s College hospital. I wish we had one over here in the USA. Well, if we do, I don’t know about it. I think it is brilliant and a fantastic cause!

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