7 Of My Favorite Baby Names From Songs to Borrow

Some of the best baby names from songs are on my list! If you need a little inspiration, I'm sharing my super-secret musical baby names that are my favs.

Sometimes picking baby names from a song can be tough. You want the name to feel unique, modern, classic plus the babies name has to be something you won’t mind saying a million more times. If you choose baby names from songs you also have a built-in lullaby! When I was pregnant, I had a whole list of beautiful names and had a hard time choosing. Some of these are amazing names that my husband vetoed, which can be frustrating. So I guess this one time I can share my list and maybe let you borrow them. We’re not in the same holiday circle so it won’t get weird. ;) Check out my list of my absolute favorite baby names from songs, and I’ll even let you borrow them AND take all the credit.


7 Of My Favorite Baby Names From Songs You Can Borrow


Lucy In The Sky with Diamonds- The Beatles

Those lyrics! I would sing Lucy In the Sky With Diamonds over and over to a little girl. My little girl totally has both kaleidoscope eyes and sun in her eyes. This is a beautiful song, plus you sound cool in a good way when you name your kid after a Beatle’s song.


Dear Jessie- Madonna

Jessie could easily be a name for a boy or a girl Madonna’s song was written for the producers daughter. The song sings like a lullaby from Alice In Wonderland. Super cool!


Iris– Goo Goo Dolls

This song was originally written for the movie City of Angels, where the main character is an angel helping humans transition after death, but falls in love with a human. It’s a beautiful movie, and a song I have sung loudly in the car more than a billion times. It would make a beautiful name for a child.


 Oh Henry- The Civil Wars

Are you the cool parent? Of course you are! You totally need to name your kid Henry. Not only is this name becoming more and more popular lately, but there is an awesome song to go with your choice with a sound that is truly timeless. This indie duo produced music for only a few years between 2008 to 2014, but what they did produce was purely magical. They came to fame when their song was included on Grey’s Anatomy. The Civil Wars were then publicly endorsed by Taylor Swift before hitting the top if iTunes and hitting several hits on the Billboard albums lists. Indie usic meets fame meets and amazing name for your kid!


Wake Up Little Susie- The Everly Brothers

This song is only one of the most cheerful rock and roll songs ever! Seriously, I think I could sing “Wake Up Little Susie” every morning for eighteen years and not blink an eye. This is an adorable song to name a child after and a cheerful way to wake up in the morning.



Eleanor Rigby– Paul McCartney

So technically Eleanor Rigby is a girl in the song. Of course, you could go with the name Eleanor for a girl, but how cool is Rigby as a name for a boy? As a little boy this name feels both modern and a bit “rough and tumble.” For an adult man, Rigby could be sleek and sophisticated. This one is going on my list if I ever have a boy!


Hey There Delilah– Plain White T’s 

I simply love this song. It is a song about hopes and dreams, about living life to its fullest and about love. Yeah, it’s a pop song, but it’s an acoustic pop song that you can totally crone too loudly. I can totally see singing this sung quietly to a newborn, beautiful!

Do you love any of my picks for baby names? Tell me which names you love in the comments!

7 thoughts on “7 Of My Favorite Baby Names From Songs to Borrow”

  1. So funny story, my oldest’s name is Dominic. When he was about 2 someone said, “oh there is a song with his name in it. It’s a Christmas song! Dominic the Christmas Donkey.” I cried right there — I named my kid after an Ass.

  2. Believe it or not I haven’t heard of most of these songs!! I am going to look some of them up.

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