Sofia The First Toys Make Playtime Extraordinary

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sofia-first-toys My daughter’s imagination is unstoppable, one minute she’s dressing up as a princess and the next minute she’s on to her next big adventure. I am always looking for ideas to encourage that beautiful spark inside her that lights up her eyes with excitement. If you are looking for a toy that encourages adventure and a kind heart, you need to see more about these new Sofia the First toys!

Sofia the First: Taking Playtime From Ordinary To Extraordinary

Recently the idea of anything Princess lights up my kiddos eyes. While I encourage her imagination, I also like toys for my daughter that teach her about how amazing her mind and heart are. Sofia the First is a show that encourages kids to be brave, confident and kind. sofia-first-toys

Have you seen this show? We like using a TV show as an encouragement to pick up toys quickly before bath time in our house, and Sofia the First is a perfect motivation! Sofia is an ordinary girl who suddenly becomes a princess when her mom marries the king. She quickly finds that life turns from ordinary to extraordinary as she figures out her new life. Sofia has a good heart and brings her adventurous spirit and curiousness to each episode.

Sofia The First: Playtime!

I told my little girl that I was bringing her home one of the new Sofia the First toys. She was so excited she was jumping up and down, but playing with the toys together was just as much fun for me. I pick up two of the new toys including the Princess Sofia Doll and The Musical Light Up Amulet. Playing with dolls is part of her everyday play, and lately, she has been wearing every necklace and bracelet she owns, so these were good picks. The hardest part was choosing, as all of the toys in the new Sofia the First line looked like toys my daughter would love for playtime. There is also a new Sofia the First Royal dress, a Royal Friends Figure Set with characters from the show and a fun swimming Mermaid Magic Princess Sofia doll that may find its way into my daughter’s Easter basket.



My kiddo and I set-up to play together, and the first thing she wanted to do was set-up a tea party. It couldn’t be just any tea party according to her. We pulled out our real tea for Sofia, and some friends joined us. My kiddo made sure to wear her Sofia necklace to the party. sofia-first-toys

When she discovered how easily the Sofia the First doll’s legs and armed moved, suddenly Sofia was making snow angels and doing gymnastics on the carpet. After that, my daughter suggested building her a fort and a castle. Sofia inspired her imagination much further beyond what I expected. sofia-first-toys

My kiddo was having so much fun that I thought she had forgotten about the amulet. I was wrong! Playing with the necklace turned into a dance party! The amulet has a great message, as Sofia sings about how you can be anything and how you can reach your dreams. The necklace also lights up, and you can see Sofia inside, which was fun. Days later I’ll think she’s forgotten about the amulet, but I’ll suddenly catch her singing the song in the backseat of the car or in quiet moments playing.



I also like how well made the toys are. The prices for these toys are quite reasonable, but the toys were much better made than I expected. The doll included an amulet necklace and crown and was fully poseable. The bigger amulet necklace was lightweight and had a breakaway clasp that my daughter could clip herself. Both toys were a much higher quality than I expected for their price point. Want to get your own Sofia the First toy? This new line of toys is now available at most of the big retailers including Walmart,ToysRUs, Amazon, and Target. Your kiddo is going to love these toys, and you’ll love the messages Sofia teaches.

Is your child a Sofia the First fan? What’s your favorite Sofia the First toy? Tell me in the comments!

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28 thoughts on “Sofia The First Toys Make Playtime Extraordinary”

  1. We love seeing Sofia at Disney World. What a fun character, and I know lot of our little family members would also enjoy getting to know Sofia!

  2. traveling blogger

    This doll looks so cute! My best friend has a daughter that loves Sofia, and she would go crazy for this doll.

  3. I live in an all boy house, but I watch a girl who used to love Sophia the First. She is a little older now, so she is out of it now, but I always thought it was a cute toy.

  4. My daughters do love Sofia the First. I don’t know if they have any of her toys though. I think they may have at one point but not anymore. I love the tea part set up you have here. Very cute idea!

  5. My friends little girl loves Sofia the First. I will have to look at getting her a doll for her birthday that is coming up.

  6. My daughter loves Sofia the First! She has the dress up outfit and wears it quite a bit. She also has a Clover that she carries around!

  7. I haven’t seen the show, but my nieces talk about it all the time. I will have to get them the Sofia doll for their birthdays this year. They would be so excited!

  8. This made me remember the time when my daughter was still a little girl. She loved dolls like this and all the princess stuff. I think that is every little girl’s dream. I will let my cousin know about this. Her daughter is the right age for this doll.

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