MindWare Q-Ba-Maze Marble Run Maze: Multi 92 Piece Set Review

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Q-Ba-Maze Review
About the Company:
Imagine Toys is a company that has a mission to provide children with high quality toys that encourage them to use their imaginations. Imagine Toys buyers are parents themselves and have taken the time to test products with children of appropriate age to make sure our products offer plenty of fun and educational play value.

Q-Ba-Maze Review:

My 6 year old son was a little intimidated but all of the pieces at first, but once his daddy started putting it together with him he was so excited about this toy. The set we received has 92 pieces and 20 marbles. It comes with an instruction booklet and a few examples are in the book for certain mazes to build. My husband said that he wanted to be creative and create something on their own, so that is what they did! Here is a picture of my son, excited to receive the Q-Ba-Maze:

Here are the contents of the box, the bag full of pieces as well as the marbles:


Ethan and daddy concentrating on trying to figure out what to build together:


Here is their finished product, they created a very fun maze with many possibilities for the marbles to travel:


Even my 19 month old liked the Q-Ba-Maze. He was sleeping when they put it together as the marbles are too dangerous for him to be around, but they let him look at their fun creation for a little while:


There is also a video, this is from the Imagine Toys website and certainly shows how fun this is and how well it works:
[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0KP295uK_qU]
What I love about this toy is that my son was able to bond with my husband as they worked together to create the fun maze. It really is an entertaining toy that can bring a family together to have a family fun night!

We highly recommend the Q-Ba-Maze as it provides many hours of fun, entertainment, learning, stimulation and creativity for kids ages 5+. My son is 6 years old and did need the help of my husband, but I think it is better that way as they were able to build something together. We are thoroughly happy with this toy and it gets a lot of use in our house!

How to Buy:
You can purchase the Q-Ba-Maze HERE from Imagine Toys! It retails for $39.95 and is certainly worth every penny because it is a great way to let your child’s creativity run wild.

You can check out the other great toys that Imagine Toys has to offer HERE, they have toys for all ages!

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