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Personalized Kids labels? Do I need them? Yes I do!! My son is a sweet little man but he tends to lose or leave behind his personal belongings. I remind him every single day to bring back his lunch box and his jacket! Most of the times it works but some of the time, it doesn’t. So we go back to school and search for his misplaced items. To make this search easier and faster, I make sure to label all his belongings. My son turned 11 a few months ago. He is a tween. He doesn’t like baby labels or hand written ones. He loves more personalized ones with theme sports labeling.

I had the opportunity to review Mabel’s Labels.  They come in a cute box! The labels are nicely wrapped. My son and I were excited to open the box, as if it were Christmas day! I love when companies pay attention to details! It’s a great addition for me.

My Review of those cute Personalized kids labels

Tween labels ($21)


  • It includes 25 personalized labels.
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Microwave safe
  • UV resistant

My son was excited about the labels! He loved that it offered different sizes, shapes, colors and designs. The shapes varied from a moon to huge rectangles to music instruments. He giggled when he saw a label with a skull. I wouldn’t label a school supply as I am sure we will have a note from the teacher. I wouldn’t mind adding it to his clothes. Some parents may not like this but I think that if you know your child and discuss with him, it is acceptable. When I was a teenager, I used to wear a skull and I turned out a non-violent adult.

write-on labels ($12)

  • Quantity: 30 labels
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Microwave safe
  • UV resistant
  • Self-laminating
  • Peel and stick
  • Compatible with any permanent marker

My 4 year old daughter was so happy with this kids labels package. It is very easy to use: write, peel off and stick. The labels have cute designs: kittens, princesses, with nice bright colors. It is more geared for girls! Within minutes, I wrote my daughter’s name on few labels and she labeled some of her items. I even labeled my phone charger!!

Recommendation for these kids labels
These personalized kids labels are very handy! They are resistant, lovely! They are suitable for young kids as well as for older ones. The price is reasonable and can fit any budget.

Where to buy those kids labels

You can purchase them at Walmart Canada or on their website. Why wait? Buy those creative kids labels today! Buy today at

Special offer from Mabel’s Labels.

Disclosure: I was provided with these samples for the purpose of the review. No monetary compensation was provided! If you like the product (and I am sure you will) and you purchase, I will have a commission. These commissions will help us bring you fantastic content and contests. Thank you..

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  1. We are ‘that’ masking tape and black sharpie family!! I SO need to look into these. I think the small fry would be way happier with these cuties and I can ditch the tape and sharpie! I like that you can stick them in the dishwasher too!

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