Let Kids Create on the Go with Kwik Stix + Giveaway

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Let your kids create on the go without making a mess with Kwik Stix! They make a great stocking stuffer too!

We all want to encourage our kids to be creative as often as possible. At home, at grandmas, and even on the go in the car. We want them to explore every opportunity to capture the world through their own unique lens and bring it to life on paper. After all, there’s nothing more precious than a child’s work of art. Unfortunately, children’s creations can get very messy! With Kwik Stix, we can let our kids create as much as they want and not worry quite so much about the mess. Wondering where you can find them? You can find Kwik Stix products on Target.com.

All the Fun Without the Mess with Kwik Stix

Kwik Stix are vivid, fun tempera paint sticks that dry in just 90 seconds. You don’t need paint brushes, cups of water or even smocks! Just hand them to your child to uncap, twist and paint away until their heart’s content. They work on all sorts of art surfaces too, from paper and poster board to wood and canvas! You can even uses them to repurpose cardboard boxes with brilliant works of art!

Here’s the really fun part: because the Kwik Stix are so portable, your kids can take their creativity anywhere. Start a work of art at home, then continue it in the car and finish it at grandma’s house. Plus, since the paint is contained in the stick and comes out through the dauber-like tip, there’s no mess. No worries about nasty chemicals, either. They’re AP certified meaning they are totally non-toxic. They are available in Target Retail Stores.

Let your kids create on the go without making a mess with Kwik Stix! They make a great stocking stuffer too! Check them out!

Kwik Stix come in a bunch of fantastic packages. My favorite is the 24 Piece Master Art set. It has 12 assorted, 6 metallic, and 6 neon colors. Pretty much everything your little one needs to paint brilliant, vivid masterpieces. You could even snag them when your kids are at school and unleash your own inner child!

Keep the Creativity Going AND Work on Pencil Grip Skills

The Makers of Kwik Stix have another fantastic product that I want to tell you about. These are especially important to me because of my son’s difficulty with handwriting. They’re called Pencil Grips, and they’re the #1 family of grips recommended to help improve your child’s (and your) handwriting.

Let your kids create on the go without making a mess with Kwik Stix! They make a great stocking stuffer too! Check them out!

My son, Jake, always had difficulty with his handwriting. His teachers recommended Pencil Grips when he was in 2nd grade, and he used them right up until 5th grade. They come in fun colors, so Jake actually liked using them. The 3-Step Training Kit is a great place to start. It includes the Crossover, Pinch, and Original grips. Each grip provides you with support and structure to guide you to the correct pencil grip. Even as an adult, they help reduce stress on your hands. I have carpal tunnel, so I absolutely appreciate that!

Watch this Youtube video and see for yourself


Visit Kwik Stix  to learn more about all these fun products and purchase them for your family. Follow The Pencil Grip, Inc. on Facebook to keep up with news, and on Pinterest for inspiration!

Kwik Stix & Pencil Grips Giveaway

Enter below for a chance to win a fantastic prize package filled with Kwik Stix and Pencil Grips goodies! We’re giving away three different prizes. Check them out:

  • 24 pk and 3 step pencil grip training kit
  • 12 pk and 3 step pencil grip training kit
  • 6 pk and 3 step pencil grip training kit

The giveaway is open to US residents age 18 and up. It ends on December 5th. The winner will be notified by email. Good luck!


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70 thoughts on “Let Kids Create on the Go with Kwik Stix + Giveaway”

  1. I never knew this product existed. I love the 24 pack! My daughter is obsessed with colors. She has autism, so the 3 pencil grips would REALLY come in handy. At 11, she still fists the pencil & we are always losing the grips we get from school. GREAT giveaway, thank you!

  2. I’m kind of jealous of kids these days when it comes to arts and crafts. Our main source of craftiness was Crayola crayons. Crayola markers weren’t really allowed in school because they were not washable at the time. I’m digging the tempera paints in these sets because they look easy to use and not as messy as the ones we got to use.

  3. Honestly I love all of it, lol! My daughter loves pencil grips she is 5 and uses them always, and the paint she would go crazy for!

  4. I absolutely love the the 24 pk of Kwik Stix, my daughter would go crazy for this! so many colors. Anything drawing,coloring,creating is her cup of tea. She would whip out a work of art in no time!

  5. I like the 24 pack & the 3 step pencil grip training kit! I love there’s no mess. No worries about nasty chemicals, either. They’re AP certified meaning they are totally non-toxic. I like that they are available at Target too.

  6. Rozilyn Branch Cool

    These are amazing, the no mess and portability make them perfect for children of all ages. There are so many ideas that these could be used for in the car with everyone just taking their favorite color – bingo and tic tac toe.

  7. Oh these are so neat! Our little one loves to paint, but it can be so messy. These would be such an easy way for him to create pictures without the mess! I love that these are so unique! Such great colors…but my favorite I think is the neon colors!

  8. My daughter had to take a bit of therapy for her motor skills. Her therapist recommended a pencil grip and it made such a difference in her handwriting!

  9. I have never heard of Kwik Stix before. They look awesome, I love mess free projects. I need some new pencil grippers so I will definitely look into this brand.

  10. My kids are always bored in the car. These would be perfect for travelling. I will have to pick some up and make a kit for the car.

  11. As a grandma and mom of five I love all of them – I’ve cleaned up so much mess from my children – It will be great to not have as much to clean up from the grandchildren !!! Fun fun fun

  12. Catherine Sargent

    My niece and nephew always love to do arts and crafts when they come over. I will have to pick up a Kwik Stix kit for them.

  13. My kids always love to get art supplies as presents. It stirs their creativity and I love what they come up with. That is one excellent paint set -with all those pretty colors!

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