Götz: High-Quality German Dolls For Your Princess

Our Family World was provided a Götz doll in exchange for an honest review. Our opinions are our own.

Gotz Jessica Doll
My 3-year-old daughter, Mary-Grace, recently had the opportunity to play with the Jessica doll made by Götz. The company makes luxury German dolls and plans to bring their products back the United States. For a little bit of history about this company, it all started back in 1950. Marianne Götz handcrafted dolls and her husband, Franz Götz would sell them from his wagon that was pulled by a bicycle. Today, the dolls are still being created and sold by family members and now, Götz and HABA have joined forces to provide them to American children ages 3 and up.

Features of Götz Dolls



It is very important to point out that these are not your usual dolls. They are very high-quality and quite beautiful. What makes these dolls especially unique is the hair. What I first noticed is how nice and thick it is. Mary-Grace was able to style it and you can even wash it, style it with a curling iron or use a blow dryer on a low setting. My daughter is only 3, so she is not old enough to handle a curling iron, so we have not tried that yet. However, she did enjoy brushing her dolls hair and because she is developmentally delayed, brushing, washing and styling the hair will help improve her motor skills.


Another great feature of the Götz dolls is that they are so easy to clean! You can use either a spot treatment or you can just throw it in the washing machine. All you have to do is stick it in a pillowcase and wash it in cold water on the gentle cycle. To dry, just lay the doll face-down and let it air dry. The only dolls in the line that should not be washed in this way is the Aquinis because of their size. Now, those dolls are waterproof and can be bought either anatomically correct or unisex. Some of them are even able to use the potty and drink!

The doll that we have for Mary-Grace is “Jessica.” When it arrived, the hair was styled slightly different, but she was so excited she tore into the box and started playing with it right away. Another thing I like about these dolls is that they are not super skinny like many on the market today. They represent an average height-weight proportion of a child, which will help create a healthy body image. I also liked that the “Jessica” doll was wearing conservative clothes, but they were trendy, too. The sneakers on the doll actually felt pretty real and at 18 inches, it is a good sized product.


The only downside of the doll is the price. I found it expensive at $89.99, but there are parents who believe the quality is completely worth it. For those that do not want to spend that much, but do want quality, they do have the 13-inch Aquini Girl for $39.99. The online reviews of any doll in their line have stellar reviews for all of the reasons I have mentioned above.

Mary-Grace and I are very happy with “Jessica” and if you choose to purchase a doll from Götz, you will be too.

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128 thoughts on “Götz: High-Quality German Dolls For Your Princess”

  1. Beverly Metcalf

    Beautiful dolls, they are all cute. I think my favorite one is the 18″ Jessica. Thanks for having this contest.

  2. I like the Maxy Muffin – 16.5 inch Doll, Brunette with Floral Outfit – Gotz (2013) doll. Thanks.

  3. My daughter would love every one of them! The Maxy Muffin – 16.5 inch Doll, No Hair and White Outfit is adorable!

  4. It’s hard to pick! I like the Maxy Muffin – 16.5 inch Doll, Brunette with Floral Outfit. She looks like she could be my daughters best friend.

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