Day 1: LegoDuplo 30 Days of Challenge: Play Peek-A-Boo

As you all know, I am taking the LegoDuplo 30 Days of play challenge with my family. Thanks to Lego Duplo and Mom Central Canada, we are having a great time creating, building and playing as a family! As parents, we want our children to learn while playing and this is what this challenge is about! I am loving the idea that my kids are eager to play with Lego Duplo and I am proud of their creations. It’s a great way to enhance their creativity.

I am happy when my 10-year-old little man guides his 4-year-old sister and shows her how to build something. I am proud how my 4-year-old is learning the colors, shapes and matching them together. As parents, we are enjoying the play time we have with our children!

Day 1 of the Lego Duplo challenge: Play Peek-a-Boo by building a wall and a window and surprising one and all! (picture from Today’s Parents)

Peek-a-boo wall

To make this idea, you will need

LegoDuplo Building set

5506 LEGO® DUPLO® Large Brick Box

6137 My First Supermarket

6138 My First Fire Station from Lego Duplo

6051 LEGO® DUPLO® Play with Letters

This idea supports social developement and creativity. Now let’s take a look at what my kids had in mind

After dinner, I told my kids that they had to build a wall with a window. I showed them the photo from the challenge for few minutes only. My daughter’s first reaction was: Can I have 2 windows? Can I add a dog?  As someone told me: Let the kids be kids and let their imagination guide them! She built a wall with 2 windows and a dog in one of the windows!


My 10 year-old did not want a window in his wall! He built a tower!


Princess and little man had fun creating a wall and playing Peek-a-boo for the first day of the challenge! And you? Did you have fun creating a peek-a-boo wall with your little one? Share it with us on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest.

Disclosure – I am participating in the LEGO® DUPLO® program by Mom Central Canada.  I received compensation for my participation in this campaign.  The opinions on this blog are my own

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