Preventing Colds & the Flu: It’s a Process! Make Fellowes AeraMax Part of It

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If you want to prevent colds and the flu, you can’t just do one thing and expect to be covered. It’s really a whole process! Just like there is no cure for the common cold, there is also no sure-fire way to prevent it. Same with the flu. Even a flu shot isn’t a guarantee that you’re protected.

When it comes to cold & flu season, I’m pretty lucky because I rarely ever get the actual flu. Sure, I get really bad colds every year, but I haven’t had the flu in a good ten years I think. My secrets to preventing colds & the flu? Not really much of a secret, actually! Here’s what I do:

Preventing Colds & the Flu: My Not-So-Secret Secret

  • Wash my hands frequently. Not psychotically frequently, but whenever I’m in direct contact with the worst places for germs. The key to washing your hands isn’t in the soap you use, it’s in the temperature of the water and the amount of friction involved. In fact, rubbing your hands together under the water is the most important step!
  • Spend time outdoors in the cold. Even if it’s just for a couple of minutes while waiting for my son’s bus, I make sure to get out in the cold at least once a day. Fresh air is important. You can’t catch a cold from being cold! You can, however, use the cold to kill those germs.
  • Sanitize, but don’t over-sanitize.I clean my house. I use disinfectant wipes on hard surfaces and make sure I vacuum regularly. But I don’t go overboard. If your house can pass a white-glove inspection, chances are you’re going overboard, which means your immune system can’t get used to taking care of itself. When colds & the flu do strike, though, go ahead and go a little overboard with the most powerful sanitizers in your arsenal.
  • Purify the air. This is one thing that I really never miss! I have an air purifier that I run regularly, not just to clean the air of germs, but allergens as well. I have major seasonal allergies, and by seasonal, I mean every season!

The Fellowes 2014 Cold & Flu Report discusses a 4-step process to preventing colds & the flu. Their steps include a few of the above, such as washing your hands frequently, sanitizing your house with a powerful cleanser and purifying your air. They also recommend asking about a flu shot. So it looks like I’m pretty much on the right track.

Fellowes AeraMax Air Purifiers

Remember I mentioned my air purifier above? Well, I kind of don’t love my current one. I mean, it gets the job done I suppose, but it’s a major energy hog! It’s an older model and probably not doing as good a job as it should. I’m really looking forward to trying out the Fellowes AeraMax™ DX-55l! Two of the features I am most excited about, aside from the fact that it is Energy Star-certified, is the Ultra Quiet operation and the automatic sensor that monitors the air. My current beast is loud and just runs constantly!

Check back soon and I’ll tell you all about the Fellowes AeraMax DX-55 and how well it performs! In the meantime, you can find it at, starting at $189.99!

Do you have any tips for preventing colds & the flu?

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    1. I feel your pain, I’ve been sniffling all month because of the weather. I feel like I’ve been just on the verge of a cold for weeks. I’ll be happy if it stays “on the verge” and doesn’t come on full force.

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