How to Help Teens Zap Acne Anytime, Anywhere with OXY On-the-Go Acne Stick

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Oh acne, how I hated it when I was teenager. I had it bad enough that I still have acne scars on my cheeks. I was so self-conscious and awkward as a teenager. I always felt like my acne was worse than it was and that it was the first thing anyone saw when they looked at me. It was distracting, to say the least. Back then, I turned to OXY to help clear up my skin. Now that my children are teenagers and acne is a big topic in our house again, we’re turning to OXY once again! This time, we reach for OXY’s new On-The-Go Acne Stick.


Before we started using the On-the-Go Acne Stick, my son did some pretty funny things to try to get rid of his pimples! Check them out, I bet your teen does some of these things, too, right?

Funny things teens do to get rid of acne

It’s funny how a teenager’s attention to detail in their hygiene shifts as they start getting their first pimples. It seems like we’ve shifted from arguing with our children that there is no way they washed their face during a two minutes shower, to putting time limits on their showers so that we can all have a little hot water.

Teens do some funny things to try to get rid of acne! While acne itself isn’t a laughing matter, we giggle about their antics and what we catch them doing to treat it. Things like putting toothpaste on their pimple, using duct tape to remove blackheads, trying to get away with wearing hats in class when they know it’s not allowed.

While we giggle, we can see how they are self-conscience of their acne as it starts to get worse. As a parent that still deals with acne I know, there are certain things we can help them with to minimize it so they feel more confident and comfortable. Acne can be painful and they seem to be taking after me in having mostly pimples that form right under the skin. Those are the worst. Thankfully, OXY is there to help with even those toughest pimples!

OXY On-The-Go Acne Stick Review

Teaching my teens about healthy skin care is important to us, and part of that is teaching them about affordable and convenient brands to treat their acne. I’ve tried many over the counter acne treatments, and a brand that I have always preferred is OXY. I’m not alone! OXY has been a trusted skin care brand for more than 40 years! My son prefers them also because their products smell clean. They don’t smell like flowers. So, he was excited to get to try out OXY’s new On-The-Go Acne Stick.


The On-The-Go Acne Stick is small like a lip balm. It is perfect for backpack, purses, and luggage. To apply it, you just wipe it over your acne. It goes on clear. No soap or water needed and is totally mess-free. It features benzoyl peroxide, the #1 active ingredient recommended by dermatologists to kill acne-causing bacteria.  My son loves it because he can keep it in his pocket and discreetly apply it when he’s not at home. It gives him some control over his acne. He can treat it and move on.


This past week we packed him up and sent him to summer camp. OXY’s On-the-Go Acne Stick was something I slipped into his toiletry bag. They are camping, so he’s not going to have access to a regular bathroom for a week. The stick will serve as his only acne treatment while he’s gone. However, he’ll be able to continue regularly treat his acne, which is important so that it doesn’t get worse. With school starting back up it’s important to him to keep up treating his acne. He doesn’t want it to get worse over the summer, so this kid has been diligent. As a parent, I am glad I can offer him a simple and easy to use solution.


If you want to check out OXY’s On-the-Go Acne Stick you can find more information here.  You can also find it at retailers like Rite-Aid and Target. Check out OXY on Facebook and Instagram to keep up with news!

Do your teens suffer from acne? What funny things do they do to try to get rid of it? Share below!


This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of OXY. The opinions and text are all mine.

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  1. This is the first time that I heard this acne stick and it really sounds great I will tell this ti my nephew.

  2. Eileen Mendoza Loya

    This is so convenient! Pimple medication packaged like lip balm that you can take in your bag, or purse. You can easily apply medication at the first sign of a pimple. My youngest son could use an acne stick. Although he is grown up, he still gets an occasional break out.

  3. I haven’t tried this Acne stick but I heard many good reviews about this product and I’m so Intrigue

  4. Oxy has been making the best acne products for decades. This is such an easy way to treat acne. I love that you can take this with you in your purse or backpack and have it ready to use wherever you need it.

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