How to Help Your Child Stay Positive in the Face of Childhood Cancer

How to Help Your Child Stay Positive in the Face of Childhood Cancer |

When a child is diagnosed with cancer, the entire world tends to stop spinning. Everyone is stunned and disbelief can quickly lead to despair. The bottom line to any childhood cancer situation, however, is hope. Hope in a cure. Hope in the things that are good around you. Hope in something bigger than ourselves. Your child’s attitude and coping skills are probably going to mirror your own in many ways and you have to keep that in mind. How then, do you give your child the positivity needed to deal with such a horrible disease?

Tips to Help Your Child Stay Positive When Facing Childhood Cancer

Always keep Faith in a cure

No matter how bad things may get, your child needs to see confidence from you that a cure is possible. Without hope, nobody has much of a chance in life. With kids, that becomes even more true. Plug into whatever source of strength you need to give your child faith and be dogged in the fact that it is forthcoming.

Never lie

You can show complete faith in a cure and do so without telling your child falsehoods. There is no benefit whatsoever in letting your child think something that is not true.  It is also important because kids are not dumb. They know when you are not telling the truth most of the time. This is where you lose their trust. They have to be able to trust you of all people. Tell the truth.

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Allow them to be a child

Kids are wanting to be kids no matter what disease they might have. When your kid is diagnosed with childhood cancer, they do not suddenly become a patient. They are still a kid and whatever you can do to keep that going is a good thing. Have them play and do things that kids do anytime it is possible. As a matter of fact, join in the fun with family activities! Being together in this way will strengthen the bonds and keep both of you thinking about better things.

Allow them to talk about the tough things and ask the tough questions

  • Where will I be if I die?
  • How long will I be there?
  • Where will you be?
  • How long will it hurt?

These types of questions may come up and you should talk openly and honestly about them. Yes, it is difficult but you will be surprised at how simple and honest answers will help to quell their fears. Sometimes they will simply need you to hold them. Whatever the case, being the positive one is the way to go. Despair should be for private moments.

Dealing with childhood cancer is not easy on anyone in the family, but helping your child stay positive is important to his emotional and physical well being. If you find yourself stressing over finances, check out our tips for finding financial assistance when dealing with childhood cancer.

Do you have any other advice on how keep your child positive in the face of childhood cancer?

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