Fight Seasonal Allergies With These Best Air Purifiers for Under $200

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Air purifiers are ideal for homes that smell dusty or feel stuffy. They’re also great for families dealing with allergies because they help remove the stale and pungent air that causes the dusty smell or causes you to feel congested. The goal of an air purifier is to circulate the air throughout the room and uses its filters to get rid of pollen and dust. You can spend as little as $30 or as much as thousands, depending on the type of system. If you want a great system without spending major bucks, check out our picks for the best air purifiers for under $200.

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Best Air Purifiers for Under $200

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Hoover True HEPA Air Purifier– The Hoover True HEPA Air Purifier is one that is quiet and efficient. It comes complete with a coated screen crafted from titanium dioxide to provide you with full air purification, a UV bulb and a pre-filter that is completely rinseable. The pre-filter is designed to pick up and get rid of lint, pet hair and large particles.

Honeywell Pure HEPA Round Air Purifier The Honeywell Pure HEPA Round Air Purifier features a unique technology called Surround Seal, that is designed to reduce the frequency of air leaks from properly cleaning whatever passes through it. It features a patented 360 degree air intake so particles, hair and lint are caught from all sides.

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Winix Plasma Wave 500 Air Purifier– The Winix Plasma Wave 500 Air Purifier features a five stage cleaning method that start with a pre-filter collecting lint, pet hair, dust and pollen. The HEPA filter is designed to capture pet dander, smoke, pollen and dust. Next, a shield of mesh particles works to stop bacteria on contact. The Plasma Wave technology is designed to generate ions, both positively and negatively charged, which combines with the water vapors that are in the air in order to neutralize gasses, chemical vapors, bacteria, odors and viruses that are airborne.

Hamilton Beach True Air AllergenReducing Air Purifier- The Hamilton Beach True Air Allergen-Reducing Air Purifier is designed to work either vertically or horizontally, meaning it is extremely portable. This air purifier has three speeds: high, medium and low, which are set depending on your needs at the time. While this purifier is compact and quiet, it is also mighty powerful when it comes to air cleaning.

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17 thoughts on “Fight Seasonal Allergies With These Best Air Purifiers for Under $200”

  1. My son has two Hamilton Beach Air-purifiers for his house and absolutely loves them. They’ve made all the difference in the world for his allergies! Thank you for sharing these great products with us! 🙂

  2. With all the allergies I have I could certainly use one of these in every room in my apartment, especially my bedroom. Will have to check them out.

  3. I think air purifiers are a must. I live in dusty Arizona so we tend to need to change our filters more often. There’s just too much stuff in the air and we always have allergies and this definitely helps.

  4. I haven’t used an air purifier for awhile since I need to replace the filter. However, I definitely will sometime soon since my allergies have been getting the best of me lately!

  5. My sister has a Air purifier in her home because she has bad allergies. I think she has the Hoover True HEPA Air Purifier <3

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