Bring the Doctor to You with Doctor On Demand & #LiveLifeWell

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Don’t have time to go to the doctor? Bring one to you with Doctor On Demand! Make them part of your Live Life Well plan! See how!

As moms, it’s hard to find time to take care of ourselves. We’re always so busy taking care of everyone else! We don’t really get sick days, do we? Even if you don’t have to lug toddlers to every appointment with you, scheduling a doctor’s appointment when you’re feeling under the weather is usually the last thing on your to-do list. I know it is for me. I never really have time to go to the doctor. So I decided to bring a physician to me with Doctor On Demand.

Bring the Doctor to You with Doctor On Demand

My average trip to the doctor takes over two hours from the time I leave my house until the time I return, and that’s on a good day and not counting waiting at the pharmacy! I am pretty much the sole provider for my family and struggling to make ends meet as it is, so taking that much time off stresses me out. I could be using that time getting ahead so I can brainstorm new ways to boost my income.

I also have anxiety and panic disorder, and the uncertainty associated with waiting at the doctor’s office sets me off. For most people, waiting is just an annoyance. For me, it triggers a fight or flight response if it goes beyond whatever arbitrary amount my mind has set as a reasonable expectation of time. It doesn’t have to make sense, panic triggers rarely do. My doctor is usually pretty good at getting me in quickly, but on days that he’s backed up, a simple sick visit becomes a nightmare.

How can Doctor On Demand help?

Doctor On Demand eliminates the wait by letting you either connect with a physician instantly or schedule an appointment for a time that’s most convenient for you. While I do have a regular doctor that I see for my chronic conditions, I like the convenience of scheduling an immediate appointment for all the minor illnesses that pop up throughout the year. Some of the most common women’s health issues that Doctor On Demand treats includes:

  • Skin conditions (like acne and eczema)
  • UTIs
  • Yeast infections
  • Allergies

Don’t have time to go to the doctor? Bring one to you with Doctor On Demand! Make them part of your Live Life Well plan! See how!

I scheduled an appointment with Dr. Kristin after reading through all the physician profiles. You can either choose by appointment time or by doctor. I have some trust issues with doctors after a traumatic event, so being able reading their profiles was very important to me. I have rash on my chest, so I was more comfortable with a woman doctor seeing it. Turns out it was exactly what I thought it was (a flare-up of my tinea versicolor) and we talked about what I can do at home to help since I prefer not to take prescription anti-fungals for it.


Don’t have time to go to the doctor? Bring one to you with Doctor On Demand! Make them part of your Live Life Well plan! See how!

In just 15 minutes I was back to work. No anxiety over long waits, no battling traffic to get home (which brings on a whole new level of anxiety for me)! I will still see my doctor for my chronic conditions. Doctor On Demand doesn’t treat those and my regular doctor already knows my case pretty well. For those sick visits where I usually just wait it out, though, I can definitely see using Doctor On Demand more often!

May is Mental Health Awareness Month!

Doctor On Demand is a great resource not just for managing everyday stressors, like waiting room panic and allergies, but also for connecting you with mental health professionals. Their professional, accredited psychologists and psychiatrists can help you overcome everything from situational stress and depression to deeper traumas and anger issues. They can even help your marriage or family through relationship counseling, all from the comfort of your own home.

Did you know that May is Mental Health Awareness Month? Did you also know that stress, anxiety and depression affect over 100 million Americans and nearly 50% of the American adult population, according to the “Moms, Money and Mental Health” Report? Your mental health plays a strong role in your physical well-being, so it’s just as important to make sure you’re taking care of yourself emotionally!

I am really trying to make this more of a priority as part of my whole Live Life Well plan, especially since my emotions have taken quite a beating over the last few years. I’ve been having a pretty rough time. I debated sharing this with you, but since it is mental health awareness month, I felt like if my being opening about my own mental health could help YOU be more open about it, then it’s worth it.

Don’t have time to go to the doctor? Bring one to you with Doctor On Demand! Make them part of your Live Life Well plan! See how!

I kind of already knew that things were severe for me, but taking the assessment helps me realize that I should probably talk to someone sooner than later. You can take one, too, on the Doctor On Demand website and see where your mental health stands. In support of Mental Health Awareness Month, Doctor On Demand will cover the cost of a visit for an assessment with a board-certified physician that can recommend the right course of treatment if you are suffering from stress, anxiety or depression.

Don’t have time to go to the doctor? Bring one to you with Doctor On Demand! Make them part of your Live Life Well plan! See how!

From everyday women’s health issues to your emotional well-being, Doctor On Demand is a great partner in your healthcare journey. Doctors are there for you nationwide, 24/7 and 365 days a year. They’re available for anyone to use, with or without insurance. Visit the Doctor On Demand website to sign up, or download their free app on your phone or tablet to use on the go!

 Have you ever used Doctor on Demand? What do you love about it? If you haven’t used it, would you try it? Share below!

25 thoughts on “Bring the Doctor to You with Doctor On Demand & #LiveLifeWell”

  1. Oyinkan Ogunleye

    I love that this gives you direct access to a doctor. It makes the process of an appointment much easier.

  2. This sounds like a great service. I live in rural Oklahoma and it seems like we can never keep doctors around here. This would be a great way to get in touch with a doctor when you can’t drive to see one.

  3. Leigh Anne Borders

    I have heard alot of great things from my friends that have used this app. I have not personally tried it yet. As a mom that is busy, this is something I can not miss!

  4. Eileen Mendoza Loya

    I am downloading this app. I don’t like waiting centuries to see a doctor when me or anyone in my family need it. The is the perfect family app!

  5. This is a good option for people who would require medical assistance especially those who are suffering from chronic illnesses. I think this makes life so much more convenient for them.

  6. Marceline Dementori

    I think this is really helpful and it’s definitely nice to have a quicker way to reach out to a doctor when needed. This is so convenient especially for people who have no means to go to a hospital.

  7. Jeanine @

    For someone like me this is PERFECT! I hate going to a crowded doctors office to wait for an hour with all my 7 kids to be seen for 5 minutes max! This is great!

  8. I think this is a great service for certain doctor’s appointments. For some though you really should go in and let the doctor physically see you.

  9. I think it is so cool how we use technology to help ourselves in a pinch. This would be great if someone had an emergency situation. Even if it isn’t an emergency it is real nice.

  10. Christina Richard

    Wow, Doctor on demand sounds like an awesome and convenient service. I would love to try this because honestly, i neglect my health more than i should!

  11. I’ve never used Doctor On Demand, but I will definitely be checking it out! Thank you so much for sharing this great resource!

  12. I love this! I will be downloading the app right away! This is awesome for new moms, elderly people, people who travel, people with special medical needs, and everyone!

  13. Jennifer Van Huss

    This sounds fabulous!! I just went to the doctor today and it was a 2 hour round trip! I don’t have time for that being a working mom! It’s nice I can get my mental health assessed from home!

  14. I’ve yet to try an app like this but they always interest me as I love anything that helps me to still be productive yet save time! 🙂

  15. It would be hard for me to discuss any concerns about mental health with just any doctor. It sounds like Doctor On Demand is a comfortable way to share and talk it over without the hassle of being referred from doctor to doctor and answering the same questions several times over.

  16. Addressing our mental health needs is so important and a vital part of self care. It seems as if Doctor On Demand makes doing that easy and convenient.

  17. Addressing our mental health needs is so important and a vital part of self care. It seems as if Doctor On Demand makes it easy.

  18. redheadmomblog

    I’ve used Doctor on Demand before and it’s a great app. I love that it makes it super easy to talk to a doctor.

  19. I like that we can get the care we need from home with this service. It will be super nice to be able to speak with a real doctor at any time!

  20. This is such an awesome idea, I love the fact it you can get through to a doctor so quickly and the fact it means you are seeking real advice rather than turning to doctor google.

  21. What a fantastic resource! I often ignore or try to self treat when I really should be going to the doctor. I just don’t want to get a sitter or bring both of my boys with me, especially if it is a feminine issue.

    1. Hands up I am the same, so often I just try and deal with everything myself or even worse just ignore it and hope it goes away. Getting advice while at home would definitely be great.

  22. Dr. On Demand sounds like a great service. A trip to the doctor’s office always takes so much time. I’d rather just scheduled an appointment with these guys.

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