Allergy Season Alert- Be Prepared!

I’m sharing tips on how to prepare for allergy season over at Shoppers Drug Mart. Check them out and learn how you can stay active outdoors with allergies!

With spring finally here and the flowers blooming, allergy season has officially arrived! Anyone else feeling the pressure building up in their sinuses? I can relate! Since my family LOVES getting outdoors during the warm months, I know I can’t become a hermit and hide inside all season long. I’m sharing some tips on how to prepare for allergy season over at Shoppers Drug Mart. These tips include:

  • How to check the weather to keep an eye on pollen counts
  • How to plan the right time of day to head outdoors
  • Which allergy medicine I use to get fast relief from my symptoms!

Check out those tips and more health & wellness information over at Shoppers Drug Mart!

32 thoughts on “Allergy Season Alert- Be Prepared!”

  1. I just has my friend over today and the pollen must be high today because she suffered big time and so is my sister who is in another part of the country so I guess pollen is high everywhere

  2. It’s so strange! Never had allergies my whole life, and now uggggg…. Allergies you suck! Thank god for things like meds!

  3. I feel like just when allergy season is gone, it comes back again. I love your tips. Its such an ongoing issue for me.

  4. This has been and still is one of the worst allergy seasons I remember in a long time! I have been buying and taking Claritin almost daily (if it rains I don’t bother)

  5. The older I get…the more sensitive I become to the seasons. Never had an allergy in my life, perhaps this is changing.

  6. Jennifer Williams

    Oh my goodness, my allergies hare awful right now. I am on medicine number 2 and it is still not helping- maybe time for a doctor.

  7. Ann Bacciaglia

    My daughter suffers from allergies. We are always checking the weather app and seeing what the pollen count is for the day.

  8. I’ve been taking my allergy medication every day. I can’t afford to be down and otu with the three kiddos and summer upon us. Great tips.

  9. I have terrible alergies and I am super sensitive to mold. With all the rain we are having that is what is bothering me now. Then it will be the flowers and weeds. Yuck.

  10. Robin (Masshole Mommy)

    Allergy season has come and gone here already, but I stocked up on Claritin when it was here.

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