5 Worst Things to Do During Spring Allergy Season


Spring allergy season will be here before you know it. Even though it’s frigid outside in many parts of the country, warmer weather IS on its way. If you suffer from horrible allergies in the spring, you may want to start preparing now. Soon we’ll be seeing it on the news: worst spring allergy season ever expected! It seems that every year is the “worst,” right? Well, if you ask me, every season that has me sniffling, sneezing and feeling miserable is the “worst allergy season ever.” Check out some of the worst things to do during allergy season and use it as a guide to help you avoid as much misery as possible.

5 Worst Things to Do During Spring Allergy Season

  • Skip spring cleaning. If you think it’s better to let that layer of dust stay right where its at rather than stir it up and make you sneeze even more, you’re mistaken. In fact, you’re just giving pollen a stronger foothold when it makes it into your house. Give your house a good spring cleaning BEFORE spring allergy season arrives. That way you’re not getting a double dose of allergens when the dust goes flying.
  • Shower only in the morning. We’ve somehow gotten it into our heads that we should shower in the morning before starting our day. If you ask me, that’s kind of a weird routine. Think about it, unless you’re sleeping in a bed of dirt, how grimy are you really getting at night? Switch to showering at night. That way, you’ll wash off all the pollen and other allergens that cling to your skin and hair throughout the day. Then you can go to bed clean and breathe easier throughout the night.
  • Take a morning run. Or any other outdoor activity during high pollen times. Typically, going outdoors early in the morning is one of the worst things to do during spring allergy season. You local weather channel should have updates on pollen levels each day. If not, you can check the National Allergy Bureau’s pollen counts map.  Try to time your outdoor activities for later in the afternoon. Sorry, early birds, the worm is just going to have to live another day!
  • Take medicine as you head out the door. I’m the worst one for this. I take my allergy medicine either as I’m heading out the door or when I start feeling the brunt of my symptoms. You know how after you break your leg or have surgery, the doctor tells you to “stay ahead of the pain” by taking the pain medicine before the last dose wears off? Well, the same goes for allergies. If you pop that allergy pill after you’ve gone through half a box of tissues sneezing, you’re going to have to suffer for at least another 30 minutes while it works its way into your system. Stay ahead of those allergies and stick to a doctor-recommended schedule for allergy medicine.
  • Let the fresh air in. Oh, how cruel the universe is to those of us dying to open up those windows and let the fresh air in after a long, hard winter. Sadly, it’s one of the worst things to do during spring allergy season. Pollen is itty bitty. It will make its way through the tiny holes in your screens. If you really must have that fresh air, open the windows for a bit in the evening. Sure, it’s still chilly out at night during spring, but you’ll get your fresh air fix without so much pollen!

These are just a few of the worst things to do during spring allergy season. If you want to suffer more, go ahead and do all of them! On the other hand, if you want to make it through the season without shelling out your child’s college fund on tissues, take my advice and just avoid them. The good news? Spring only lasts a couple of months! The bad news? Many of us also have summer and fall allergies. Oh, the humanity!!

What do you think are the worst things to do during spring allergy season? Share your tips for surviving allergies in the comments!

8 thoughts on “5 Worst Things to Do During Spring Allergy Season”

  1. All great tips. I don’t have issues with allergies but my husband does. I am going to mention a few of these to him, anything to help reduce some of the suffering with them.

  2. My husband has the worst allergies of all of us and he always closes the windows. Without fail. It drives me nuts so I open them because I like fresh air but now I see that I should just permit him to close them and then he will suffer from less sneezing. He is a bear when the weather turns to spring and pollen is in the air.

  3. My hubby and son both have HORRIBLE allergies and I have to be very deliberate with how I handle the Spring. These tips are so helpful and a great reminder that just because I love the Spring air, their allergies do not!

  4. Great ways to control and treat spring allergies this season. Spring is in the air. I have already begun my spring cleaning, acting early since we move in a hot city in Turkey from NY.

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