5 Self-Esteem Activities for Adults That Will Make Your LIFE easier?

There are plenty of self-esteem activities for adults that you can do to help yourself feel better about you! Check out a few of our favorites!

Are there self-esteem activities for adults that will help you to feel better about yourself?

Yes, there are plenty of things you can do daily that will contribute to raise your self-esteem, and they aren’t things that will make you feel even worse (like kiddie games and worksheets).

My suggestions are simple, everyday things you can do that will help to make a difference in how you see yourself.

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5 Self-esteem Activities for Adults

1- Make a vision board:

Put those things you dream of and you want to accomplish in life, right in front of you every day.  It is a very calming activity!  Using magazines or pictures you’ve printed from the internet, and paste them to a piece of construction or even a poster board.  Is there a trip you dream to take?  Maybe you want to own your home one day?  Put it in place where you will see it every day.

Check out this vision board tutorial



2- Set up small goals:

It’s like having a mini challenge with yourself!  

One of the common causes of low self-esteem is the feeling that you never accomplish anything.  So, set yourself up some small goals you can accomplish.  For me, simple things like challenging myself to get my water intake in each day, or setting aside time to workout, regardless of how busy my day may be.  

Both of those things always make me feel better about myself, and doing them everyday, has made a difference.

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3- Compliment yourself:

I know, sounds easier said than done (and you might feel a bit silly doing it), but this will help, trust me.  

We are our worst critics; we seem to find things about ourselves that we don’t like that others just don’t see.  So let’s be a little nicer to ourselves with this little exercise you can do every morning.  Look in the mirror and instead of critiquing yourself, find three things you like.  Do your eyes sparkle in the morning?  Maybe your hair looks great?  Possibly your skin looks flawless?  

Whatever it is, find three things each morning that you love about yourself and write them down in a new journal (I love new blank journals!) You can find cool ones at places like HomeGoods, T.J. Maxx and Marshalls.

4- Start eating healthier:

You might be wondering what this has to do with your self-esteem, but I can tell you from personal experience, it plays a big role!  

When you are eating things that are good for you (you know the old ‘fruits and veggies’ bit), you start to see the benefits of eating healthy versus pre-packaged and processed foods.  Now I am not saying go crazy and change your diet completely because that will just set you up for failure, but start small.  

Instead of that muffin for breakfast, replace it with fruit and yogurt or fruit and a granola bar.  You will begin to feel the effects and make healthy changes in other meals.

5- Affirmations:

You are a special person, even if you don’t feel like you are right now.  You need to remind yourself of this every day, but you aren’t going to do this on your own (or you’d already be doing it right?)

There are plenty of books of affirmations out there, or you can scour the internet and write down some that resonate with you and then paste them to your bathroom mirror, or by your bedside table, somewhere you are going to see them often.

Consistency is key here.  Nothing will change if you don’t make changes.  Doing small things, every day will have a huge impact on you over time.  Will you instantly feel better about yourself?  Heck no, but you also didn’t wake up one morning feeling depressed about yourself either did you.  


What sort of things have helped you out in the past?  Share your suggestions for self-esteem activities for adults with us below!  We could all benefit from these activities.


22 thoughts on “5 Self-Esteem Activities for Adults That Will Make Your LIFE easier?”

  1. Ӏ’m not ѕure ᴡhy but this web site is loading ѵery slow for me.
    Is anyone else Һaving this pгoblem or iѕ it а рroblem on my end?

    I’ll check bacҝ latеr on and see if tһe problem stiⅼl exists.

  2. At the end of the day, I make a mental list of all the things that I have done during the day, however small. More than often, it adds up more than I would have expected and this energizes me for the following day. Now I do it even during the day, when I catch myself discouraged by the workload ahead, with something like : Right, now what have I already done today? However small, I pick up mentally all the things, starting from the beginning (i.e. getting up…).
    As well, I have a 1-2 minute relaxation or breathing or walking or whatever true break with d o i n g nothing. This calms my thoughts down.
    Do you do these and what do you think about it? Or if you give it a try, how does it feel?

  3. These sound like simple achievable goals I can do. I am making a point to eat more ‘real’ food instead of pre-packaged, processed frozen stuff… I will definitely put up some affirmations and I will feel silly about those but I need to help my brain not be so broken, Lol. And I like the goals/vision board idea. We did vision boards in college as part of design…so I’ve done them before and I should get back into it.
    I like the one woman comment that she does a new board every year. That sounds good too.

  4. Eating healthier is so important! But I also think surrounding yourself with positive friends is also really important

  5. Great suggestions! Life can get overwhelming at times and it is important to refocus ourselves. I have not made a vision board in a while – a rethink sounds like a great idea.

  6. Eating healthier and making a vision board is really helpful. Feeling/looking better and seeing your goals/dreams daily will transform you positively.

  7. Building self confidence is definitely something that we all need especially as we grow old. A vision board is definitely nice!

  8. I do have better self-esteem when I’m eating well and exercising. I refuse to dwell on the negative because I learned a long time ago that you can’t live a positive life with a negative mindset. These are all great activities for boosting self-esteem.

  9. I love the idea of a vision board. I read a post about it before that it is easier to achieve your goals if you are constantly reminded of it with visual aids. Thanks for the tips. These would be very helpful for some people suffering from low self esteem.

  10. Positive affirmations has helped me the most. I have started eating healthier as well. I really like the idea of the vision board, thank you for sharing these great activities.

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