5 Eye-Popping Facts About Vision Health

Did you know these 5 eye-popping facts about vision health? Check them out, then make an appointment for your child with a doctor of optometry today!

Did you know that October is Children’s Vision Month? I did NOT, and both my kids wear eyeglasses. Talk about being out of the loop!  However, I do know that each year my kids should get their eyes examined. Rain, shine or snow, I book an exam with a doctor of optometry (optometrist) and make sure my kids eyes are taken care of.

Does this mean that my teen will see his missing shoe right in front of him or my daughter will see her missing tiara right on her bed? I doubt it.  After all, kids being kids, they want to test their parent’s eye’s health!  However, it does mean that they will see better and experience life to the fullest. Now, as a parent, I cannot ask for more, can I? I want my children to succeed in life (and maybe thank their parents a tiny bit). By now, you know it is important to book an appointment with a doctor of optometry but do you know HOW important it is? Read on for a few important facts about eye health and learn how you can enter for a chance to win a Family Eye Health gift card set ($500 value).

5 Facts About Eye Health That Will Make Those Peepers Pop!                

  •  Vision problems aren’t always easy to detect. Did you know that 1 in 4 school-age kids has a vision problem, and many have no easy-to-detect symptoms?
  • Kids need that first eye exam earlier than you might think. Children should see an optometrist for the first time at around 6 months of age. That’s when I took my son for his first exam. I noticed something was off with his eyes and to ease my mind, I booked an appointment. I knew that a comprehensive exam with a doctor of optometry was the best way to assess his vision.
  • Follow-ups are super important. Even if that first eye exam goes smoothly, you still need to take your kids back between the ages of 2 and 5, then yearly once they start school. Again, visiting a doctor of optometry for an exam is one of the best ways to make sure your child’s visual system is developing as it should be.
  • Good eye health helps your kids be better students. A whopping 80% of learning is achieved through vision. It makes sense that a child who can’t properly see the board will struggle more in school. Healthy visual skills also allow your kids to get the most out of playtime and socializing.
  • Chances are, you’re covered. Worried about paying for your child’s visit to the optometrist? Here is some good news! Most provinces in Canada offer some form of coverage for your child’s eye exams.

Did any of these facts surprise you? Well, I have one more surprise in store… Check out the details below for how you can enter for a chance to win an Eye Can See gift card set.

Did any of these facts surprise you? Well, I have one more surprise in store… Check out the details below for how you can enter for a chance to win a Family Eye Health gift card set.


Family Eye Health

Enter the Family Eye Health  contest for a chance to WIN a $500 gift card set in celebration of children’s eye health!

Now that you know how important eye health is to your children, book your appointment with a doctor of optometry and make sure your kids reach their full potential.

Disclaimer: This post has been generously sponsored by Canadian doctors of optometry, the opinions and language are my own.



44 thoughts on “5 Eye-Popping Facts About Vision Health”

  1. i used to think those exams were so fun back in elementary school! so funny how it still stands out to this day — i got my glasses in 5th grade, not as fun anymore to go to the doc! lol

  2. Great tips! As a kid, I had such horrible vision that at one point I tried to learn how to read Braille. (Slightly dramatic nine-year olds take it very seriously when their eye doctor says, offhandedly, “Wow, if your eyes keep going this fast, you’ll be blind soon!”) Anyway, I’ve always been very diligent about getting my kids’ eyes tested. Good vision is so critical to their school (and life) experience.

  3. I did NOT know this!!!! My daughter just turned two, so I’ll have to take her soon! My husband and I both have bad eyesight… he got Lasik, but I still have to go regularly, so I’m sure we’ll pass on that unfortunate trait to her. Poor thing. Thanks for the tips! If we have to take her, good to know when to do it!

  4. Vision exams are something that we have always made sure that we have done. We always have them done to make sure that there is no changes.

  5. I just took my 3 year old for his first eye exam. I noticed a few things like he likes to watch tv with his head turned slightly. Turns out he’s really close to needing glasses. They think he can wait another year, but I was bummed to hear it. I’m glad I took him in early!

  6. Reesa Lewandowski

    I really am invested in making sure my kids are up on their eye visits. My son went too long not being able to see well before we caught it!

  7. Angela @marathonsandmotivation.com

    Thank you so much for sharing this and creating awareness around this very important issue. I have Pinned this as a resource!

  8. I didn’t know that children should have vision examen begin at very early age. This post packed with great information which alert parents how important it is the children vision health.

  9. I got glasses for the first time in 6th grade, but I am pretty sure I needed them earlier, we just didn’t realize it at the time. This is great information!

  10. Most of the time we neglect having our eyes checked and we also forget about the kids. It’s important to raise awareness on this because the kids will be deeply affected, through everything that they do if they have issues with their vision.

  11. I needed glasses in 2nd grade, and it took my mom a few weeks to believe me. I’m glad there’s information out there informing parents on this matter!

  12. Yikes! I need to have both my little one’s eyes checked. I started wearing glasses in 4th grade, but probably needed them sooner!

  13. This is good information. I hope it gets into the hands of every parent. Good eyesight is so important for general education.

  14. A friend of mine has a young son and he kept on getting headaches at school. Come to find out the headaches stopped once he got glasses! Vision problems can be very hard to detect especially in young children.

  15. I always wonder at what age to test their vision. I never know when to start! Great tips for parents that need to learn how.

  16. Eye health is so similar (in my mind) to dental health. People often forget about it, but its something that can affect the rest of your body and made a big difference!

  17. I would never have gotten my 5 year old checked this year if it hadn’t bee required by the school and he totally needed glasses! It’s always a good idea!

  18. This is such good information. My son failed an eye test when he was young and I thought it was a fluke! He failed the next one a few months later. He’s 9 and has been in glasses every since, he really did have vision problems.

  19. Great info for parents with kids. I dont have kids and I didnt wear glasses as a child but so many kids do and it can effect their school work so this is important.

  20. We have 2 kiddos in glasses and another about to be so we know just how important it is. No one ever checked my eyes until I was an adult and I think that’s why I’ve suffered with migraines for years

  21. Our girls just had an eye exam and everything was fine. One daughter actually has had two in the last couple years as she has migraines and they wanted to make sure it wasn’t related to her eyes.

  22. I had no idea kids needed to see an optometrist at 6 months of age. I need to let my daughter know so she can schedule an appointment for my granddaughter.

  23. Reesa Lewandowski

    We take eye health very seriously here in my family. My son had issues seeing when he was only 5 and it really had a negative effect on a lot of things!

  24. I was shocked to learn kids as young as six months need an eye exam. My daughter has worn glasses for the past few years. They caught that she needed glasses from the Vision Van at school.

  25. Very interesting to read. I’m surprised that vision issues in children can be hard to detect. I also know that some kids might not tell their parents they are having problems with their vision too. It’s so important to make sure they see an optometrist regularly.

  26. I’ve never taken my kids to an eye doctor before. We have just relied on the vision screening at their well checks. I’ll have to look into this.

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