The Ultimate Healthy Snack List: Book Review

Title:The Ultimate Healthy Snack List

Author: C. Elias

It is ironic how I received The Ultimate Healthy Snack List to review, a little after both my husband and I vowed to start eating healthier foods. Eating healthy has become extremely difficult being that we are surrounded by so many fast food restaurants that are so convenient and inexpensive. Just the other day, one of my friends and I were discussing how buying healthy foods has become almost impossible because of the high prices. A lot of times, people intend to eat well, but they just can’t afford to. If you see your average dollar menu at a fast food restaurant, an unhealthy hamburger costs way less than a healthy salad.

My Review

This book starts off giving examples of fast, yet simple ways to make snacks. It explains how our constant time restraints and stressful lifestyles lead to unhealthy diets. It also mentions how to entice our children to eat healthier just by being a little creative with the way we serve snacks or meals.Children mirror what their parents do therefore, if we eat junk, they eat it as well because they don’t know any better. This book mentions that if we offer them colorful foods, healthy dips for veggies, or simply healthier options with silly names (such as power sticks instead of carrots), kids are more likely to opt for the healthier foods.

Healthy and Easy Recipes

I really liked that this book includes tons of healthy recipes with simple instructions. I find that many times I want to try something new but if the recipes are way too complicated, I end up choosing something different because I get easily overwhelmed. My favorite section in the book was the “Healthy Snacks for Weight Loss” chapter. Not only does it apply to my current situation, it also contains many recipes with some of my favorite ingredients (such as Tomato & Mozzarella Salad & Zucchini Hash Browns). It also has sections with helpful tips. I really enjoyed the different sections dedicated to “Snacks for Kids”. These sections contain healthy recipes that I haven’t seen anywhere else and that I know my kids will enjoy.

Gluten Free Section

Although the book did contain a Gluten-Free section, they did not include any recipes for people who have allergies or are lactose intolerant. My middle son was recently diagnosed with a few allergies and eggs were one of them. It has been difficult for me to find fun and healthy snacks and meals to make for him because so many recipes contain eggs. It would have been nice if they would have listed some alternatives for people with other dietary restrictions.


I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys cooking or preparing creative and healthy snacks or meals. It is important that we as role models, show our children that watching what we eat is beneficial to our health and well-being. If we make good choices, they will be motivated to do the same. As the saying goes, “we are what we eat”, so let’s eat healthy and make it fun!

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Disclosure: I received a free copy of the book. All opinions are mine
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  1. It is so hard to eat healthy when all the junk food is so cheap, but there’s no excuse and the book sounds like a good starting point, thanks!

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