Sea Buckthorn Oil Benefits For a Healthy Body and Mind

Sea buckthorn oil benefits

Sea buckthorn oil benefits are relatively new to Americans.  However, for centuries the sea buckthorn plant, of which the oil is derived, has been in use throughout Europe and Asia.  Within the last century Russia, China, and Mongolia have taken the lead in the research, production, and consuming of products containing this phenomenal oil. The Russians refer to the fruit from the sea buckthorn shrub as “Siberian pineapple” due to its juiciness and great taste.  Their astronauts have also used the oil as a protection from cosmic radiation as well as including it in their diet regimen. Also, Russian hospitals use the oil for medicinal purposes.

China has also been familiar with the use of sea buckthorn oil for centuries.  China has held several symposiums over the years to investigate the many uses and properties of sea buckthorn oil.  The Chinese have been so impressed by the use of sea buckthorn oil that it was an official sports drink for their Olympic team in Seoul.  China has at least 200 products containing sea buckthorn oil.   Both China and Russia take the lead in the number of production plants for this oil.  Processed products that include buckthorn oil can be found in such products as candy, biscuits, oils, ice cream, shampoos, and cosmetics.

Why has sea buckthorn oil, grown along the sea coasts, hills, islands of Asia and Europe, been so popular and in use throughout so many centuries right up to our day?  The answer is simple.

Sea oil buckthorn benefits for your mind and body

  • Oil produced from the fruiting body contains phytosterol, vitamin E, beta-carotene, antioxidants, and carotenoid which help skin repair, healing of skin lesions, burns, wounds, eczema, and abrasions.
  • Contains vitamins A, C, B1, B2, and E.
  • Excellent for acne due to its bacterial fighting ability.
  • Contains Quercetin to help decrease allergic reactions on the skin.
  • Helps to kill microscopic parasites.
  • Can be used as skin bronzer due to its yellow, orange, or reddish color.
  • Oil has some moderate UV protection.

Taken internally:

  • Acts as an anti-inflammatory against joint pain.
  • Helps repair damaged gum tissue, mouth ulcers, and tooth decay.
  • Helps constipation.
  • Builds immune system.
  • Is good for blood circulation, stomach ulcers, and gastrointestinal
  • May slow down the decline of cognitive skills in elderly.

As you can see, there are many different sea buckthorn oil benefits to help support a healthy mind and body.  The United States cosmetic industry is finally jumping on the bandwagon in the use of the oil in their skin rejuvenation products such as Sibu Beauty.  In addition, Canada has for some time now used the sea buckthorn plant for soil erosion protection.

With all these great sea buckthorn oil benefits, I can’t think of a reason not to use it!  What about you?  Having no known side effects, now is the time to start benefiting from this centuries old yet modern-day sea buckthorn oil.

5 thoughts on “Sea Buckthorn Oil Benefits For a Healthy Body and Mind”

  1. As a Canadian who has recently discovered these berries. I can safely say that the more I learn/read about them, the more fascinating I think that they are. Rita, where did you hear/read about the anit-allergen and parasitic properties? I’ve been researching them, and this is the first I heard of that…but am interested in learning more. Please feel free to contact me directly as I’m very interested.


    1. Jason, you have a good question. Bascially, sea buckthorn oil has been found useful topically and internally in various forms against the demodex parasite (or at times referred to as “face mite”). All humans have some of the parasite. However, some people suffer from an abundance of these mites resulting in severe itching or certain skin disorders. Just follow up on the term demodex parasite and you will find some very interesting information. I hope this helps. Rita

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