Grab a No-Lug-Jug of Tidy Cats Lightweight Litter at Dollar General + Giveaway (US Only)

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Purina for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.


Have you heard about the new Tidy Cats Lightweight 24/7 Performance Cat Litter? Right now, at Dollar General, you can grab a resealable 8.5 pound no-lug-jug of this hardworking litter for a special price of $11.50 until 12/1! I picked mine up the other day on the way home from a doctor’s appointment.

For a moment, I forgot about the “Lightweight” part of the name. When I grabbed the jug, I expected to feel that sudden tug on my arm that you get from lugging something heavy. Momentary confusion led to an “oh yeah” moment. In my defense, I was operating on very little coffee, as the appointment was out of town and very early!


Since we had kids in the car, I went into the store alone. I didn’t need a cart, I didn’t need help getting the litter back to the car. I didn’t even need help bringing into my house or up the steps! In fact, it was so light, I had no problem carrying it around in one hand with a camera in the other, trying to get a good shot of my cat with the litter.

I was going for that cool cat commercial effect. I have new appreciation for anyone who can get a cat to sit still for those ads. My cat is 18 and we often accuse her of having “senior moments.” That night, she thought we were the ones who maybe lost our mind a bit, chasing her around with a jug of litter in our hands!


Long story short, I snapped this picture to go along with the overall theme of “it doesn’t stink in the jug or in the box!” Seriously, though, it really doesn’t.

Tidy Cats LightWeight 24/7 Performance offers round-the-clock odor control, which is a must in a house with three cats. One thing  I really love about this litter: it’s not just the jug that’s lightweight. The clumps themselves are tight and light, making scooping the boxes an easier chore.

Since we scoop daily, that’s a definite plus. I’ve been pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to scoop the box since using Tidy Cats LightWeight Litter. I thought maybe my cats were going less, but it’s really the litter making the clumps easier to manage.

Did you know that Tidy Cats was the first to invent litter? I had no idea! It makes sense, then, that they’d reinvent it by making a lightweight litter, don’t you think?

The 8.5 pound jug of Tidy Cats LightWeight 24/7 Performance may be significantly lighter than its counterparts, but it’s just as powerful as a 20 lb jug. Find out for yourself during the promotional pricing at Dollar General. Remember, you can get it for just $11.50! While you’re there, check out all the other great Purina treats and pet foods available.

Tidy Cats LightWeight Giveaway

Enter below for a chance to win a coupon good for a FREE 8.5 No-Lug-Jug of Tidy Cats LightWeight 24/7 Performance Cat Litter. Giveaway is open to US residents. Please note that coupon is only good at Dollar General.

Tidy Cats

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27 thoughts on “Grab a No-Lug-Jug of Tidy Cats Lightweight Litter at Dollar General + Giveaway (US Only)”

  1. I would like to pickup a bag of purina complete because that is what my 3 cats like to eat. Actually it is the only dry food that they will eat.

  2. I have never used this litter before but I do have cats. I may have to try this and see if it will work better than the one I’m using.

  3. Ah, the day’s of kitty litter may be behind us but I like to keep a bottle or two on hand.
    Safe to use on the sidewalks and driveway and get for traction when the ice and snow make the roads a skating rink.
    {sure wish I had a kitty though!}

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