Control Litter Odors Without the Weight with Fresh Step® Lightweight Extreme

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About two weeks ago, I told you how I was excited to try out new Fresh Step® Lightweight Extreme, a cat litter that does everything you’d expect of a name like Fresh Step® but without the back-wrenching weight of traditional clumping litters. If you need a recap, you can check out that post here. I’ve been using the litter for over a week now and feel like I have a pretty good idea of how it performs. Believe me, with three cats, I definitely gave it a run for its money!

Fresh Step® Lightweight Extreme: Odor Control without the Back-Wrenching Weight

In my last post, I told you about my pretty kitty, Mally, who turned 18 this year. I also have two other kitties. One I refer to as “the cow cat,” mostly because she looks like a cow with her coloring. Although lately, she’s been a bit lazy and is starting to become the size of one too! Her name is Willow. Fun fact: all the cats we’ve had in our family, except Mally (she came before the tradition started) are named after TV witches. We had Sabrina and Tabitha  to start with. When Tabby passed away, we got Piper, Prue and finally Willow.

This is Miss Willow as a kitten:


Here she is, all grown up (and probably about 5 pounds lighter than she is now!)



With three kitties in the house, controlling litter odors can definitely be a challenge. We scoop the boxes and add fresh litter every single day and give them a good cleaning once a week. As you can imagine, that means we’re lifting, scooping and pouring litter quite a bit. When you have a bad back like I do, Fresh Step® Lightweight Extreme  isn’t just a good solution to keeping litter odors at bay, it’s a miracle product for your back!

Of course, a lightweight litter doesn’t mean much if it doesn’t work, right? Well, I can tell you after over a week of using it, it’s just as terrific as the traditional Fresh Step®  scoopable litter. I was a bit skeptical at first, I admit it. I mean, how could it work just as well if it was lighter? I thought maybe they were trying to get one over on me by putting less litter in the box!

Benefits of Fresh Step® Lightweight Extreme

We’ve tried just about every brand of cat litter on the market. My mom, who lives with me, is super picky about cat litter. Fresh Step is one of her top two favorites because of how well it performs. In her opinion, the benefits of  Fresh Step® Lightweight Extreme include:

  • No overpowering scent: She has done research that indicates cats have a very powerful sense of smell and prefer their litter to be very lightly scented, if at all. She feels that certain other brands go overboard on the scent as a way to mask odors, whereas Fresh Step® produces quality litter that doesn’t need to rely on heavy perfumes to mask odors.
  • Very easy to scoop. Like the other scoopable litters in their line, Fresh Step® Lightweight Extreme is easy to scoop day after day, no matter what type of mess you’re cleaning up in the box.
  • Fantastic clumping power. The whole point of clumping litter is to, well, clump! It’s a pain when that clumping action falls short, leaving you trying to scoop up itty bitty bits of clumped litter. You never see that problem with Fresh Step® Lightweight Extreme.


In short, Fresh Step® Lightweight Extreme works, plain and simple. It does its job well, plus it’s so much easier on your back since it’s 30% lighter than its counterparts. Whether you have one cat or three, I highly recommend Fresh Step® Lightweight Extreme, now available at Target.

Have you tried Fresh Step® Lightweight Extreme yet? What do you look for in a cat litter?

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34 thoughts on “Control Litter Odors Without the Weight with Fresh Step® Lightweight Extreme”

  1. I love light weight litter. Its very nice and easy to scoop up their doings up. I do feel the difference when carrying the litter upstairs.

  2. I havent tried this kind yet. But may have too. I look for a litter good for multiple cats even tho I only have one. He is capable of creating quite a stink! And a odour protection of some sort as well.

  3. We have two cats and we are always looking for ways to control litter odor. We havent tried this brand of cat litter yet and I am definately putting it on the list!

  4. I don’t have cats, but I did growing up. I remember how gross changing the litter box was, and definitely how heavy it was. It sounds like a great improvement to lighten it.

  5. What a happy looking cat! I’ve bought some of the regular Tidy Cats to great results and will buy the light version next time. 🙂

  6. I use Fresh Step, but I haven’t tried the lightweight version yet. I’ll give it a try though, cause I hate hefting those big boxes into shopping carts!

  7. Cute kitties. Anything is good that helps control litter or dour. have 3 cats, one of which does not always hit the litter box, so I can use all the help I can get.

  8. That’s really cool. I don’t have a cat so I never knew that cat litter was heavy. I am definitely telling my friends about this. Who wants to lift a heavy bag of cat litter and lug it to the car and out of the car. I make my kids come with me when I need to buy heavy stuff like that! 🙂

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