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Last week I told you all about how Royal Canin’s Aging 12+ diet helped my 17-year-old senior cat Mally achieve better nutrition. This week, I want to tell you more about Prue, my 10-year-old cat, and how Royal Canin’s Indoor Mature diet is proving to be the best cat food for mature cats, at least as far as Prue is concerned!

Prue as a kitten.

Prue was a rescue kitty. We got her at the SPCA after my cat, Gypsy (Mally’s mom) died. I wanted a kitten. She was the only kitten they had. She looked so scared and lonely. We knew we had to take her, even if she did seem a bit skittish.

It took Prue a long time to come around to trusting us. I remember the first Christmas we had her, my brother came home for a visit. Prue got so freaked out that she vanished into thin air! My mom spent hours searching for her, ignoring my poor brother who had come all the way from Florida to see us! We did finally find her, but that wouldn’t be the last of Prue’s vanishing acts! Now, though, she loves to hang out under the Christmas tree!

Prue under the Christmas tree last Christmas.

As Prue got older, she mellowed out a bit. She’s still skitzy around new people, but at least we see her more frequently! She loves to “talk” late at night…very loudly!  Not sure who she’s talking to, but if I’m reading on the couch late, she’ll run around the house howling. She’s also quite the avid bug hunter!

About three years ago, the vet discovered that Prue had very bad teeth. We felt horrible! He said it is most likely a genetic condition. Prue lost her fangs! We worried that she would have a hard time eating, but she still did pretty okay!

Now that she’s joined the mature cats club, I worry that the fact that she is prone to teeth problems coupled with her aging gums will make it more difficult for her to eat hard food. This is one of the reasons I think Royal Canin Indoor Mature diet is one of the best cat foods for mature cats!

Benefits of Royal Canin Indoor Mature Diet for Mature Cats

  • Softer kibble for aging gums. This was one of the biggest appeals to the Royal Canin Indoor Mature food for mature cats. While Prue didn’t seem to have a problem eating hard food, we did notice lately that she’s been snubbing her former favorite crunchy treats. Not sure if it’s because she got spoiled on fresh chicken as a treat or because they hurt her teeth. I notice since starting the Indoor Mature diet, she does seem to eat more of her dry food.
  • Highly digestible and increased fiber. Both the Royal Canin Indoor Mature and the Aging 12+ foods are highly digestible, so you end up with less gut issues. Like with Mally, I’ve noticed that Prue doesn’t seem to vomit as often. I’m also noticing less hair balls around the house. I’m not sure what element in the food is helping that, but it’s definitely nice to not step in them in the middle of the night!
  • Aging support. The Indoor Mature food for mature cats contains antioxidants, Omegas and other elements that help support joint health and protect aging cells. Prue has always been pretty active, especially at night, but she does seem to have a little extra spring in her step!

Conclusion: Great results after just three weeks!

I’ve noticed great results for both Mally and Prue after three weeks of using Royal Canin’s best foods for mature cats. Both cats are finicky, yet they both seemed to love their new diet. We spent a week transitioning our cats to the new diets and two weeks on the full diet. I would definitely continue to purchase Royal Canin for both cats.

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14 thoughts on “Best Cat Food for Mature Cats from Royal Canin”

  1. Elizabeth Matthiesen

    never having had pets myself I didn’t realise that their food should alter with age. My daughter had a cat once who decided that a Barbie shoe was a nice morsel, unfortunately it got stuck somewhere and she had to be operated on, poor thing.

  2. Cute kitty! We have an old cat too, and just like yours he has finally mellowed out. The kids are thrilled that he will finally let them pet him for more than 10 seconds.

  3. We’ve just finished week two of this challenge and my 17 year old has never eaten so much in her life. So great to hear that Prue and Mally are doing so well. Mine has lost teeth too, glad to hear that I can blame it on genetics ;)

    Besos, Sarah
    Blogger at Journeys of The Zoo

  4. I don’t have any pets now. We lost our dog a few years back to old age. But I always took care in what food I gave him. People seem to forget that they are completely reliant on us to ensure they get the right food and some of it really is just garbage!

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