Help Your Dog Look His Best With AvoDerm Natural Dog Food #AvocadosForDogs

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We all want to help our dogs look their best, right? A shiny, healthy coat on the outside isn’t just beautiful to look at; it’s often a sign that things are going pretty well inside our dogs as well. Proper nutrition plays a significant role in both how our dogs look and feel. Today I want to tell you a bit about one of my all-time favorite dog foods and how it can help your pooch look and feel his best in just six weeks. That food is AvoDerm Natural®, made with nutrient-rich avocados and other high-quality ingredients. Keep reading to find out how it helped my itchy dog, Cooper, then snag a coupon to save $5 on AvoDerm Natural pet food.

Avocados & Dogs: Myth vs. Reality

AvoDerm, as the name implies, prominently features avocados in their foods. I bet you’ve heard that avocados are a superfood for people, right? Well, the same holds true for dogs. They’re rich in nutrients, fiber, and vitamins & minerals that are essential to good skin health. These include vitamins A, C, E, and B6, as well as potassium and niacin. The fatty acids play a significant role in helping keep your pup’s fur looking fabulous.


If you’ve ever read a list of things that dogs shouldn’t eat, you might be thinking “avocados are dangerous for dogs, why would I feed him that?” That’s only partially correct. Numerous studies concluded that only the seed and the skin are dangerous. They contain persin, a substance that’s poisonous to dogs. The rest of the avocados are good for dogs!

AvoDerm Natural® dog food only uses the parts of the fruit that are safe for your dogs. The avocado ingredients come from the meat of the fruit and don’t contain any of the leaves, bark, pit or skin. They extract the oil from the meat pulp after it’s been separated from the dangerous parts. Bottom line, it’s completely safe. I wouldn’t feed it to my boy if it weren’t.

How AvoDerm Keeps Cooper Looking His Best


Every year around this time, my dog Cooper starts looking a bit rough around the edges. He has massive seasonal allergies and loses clumps of fur around his backside and tail. I can always tell when his allergies are getting bad because his typically shiny, gorgeous fur starts to lose its luster right before it begins to fall out.

While we do our best to treat the allergies from the inside through vet-recommended therapy, it takes a while to get his fur back to its glorious state. I discovered AvoDerm Natural dog food last year, and it’s been my go-to food for helping Coop look his best again. It’s one of the best dog foods for itchy skin!


I tried out AvoDerm’s Revolving Menu in the past and had a great experience with it. I went with that variety because it’s the best dog food for sensitive stomachs. I had three dogs at that time (sadly, I lost my two girls this year, they were both close to 15), and my older girls needed something that was gentle on their tummies. All of them loved every flavor of AvoDerm that I put in front of them. My girl Tasha rarely ate food without some topper to entice her to get started. AvoDerm was the exception. She dove right in, no extras necessary.


This time, I decided to try out another variety of AvoDerm with Cooper: the Triple Protein Meal Formula. Cooper is a bit on the heavy side due to food insecurities going back to when he was a pound puppy. I find that foods with more protein fill him up faster, which means he’s not quite as inclined to hunt for people and cat food to steal.


Like all of their foods, the Triple Protein Meal Formula is filled with high-quality ingredients and balanced nutrients. I can’t vouch for the taste myself, of course, but Coop really seems to love it. After eating it for six weeks, I do notice that, like with the Revolving Menu, his coat is looking shinier and healthier. He still has some issues related to his allergies, but he’s not losing his fur quite as drastically as he has in the past. He also seems far less itchy. I know this because he’s not doing his “Snoopy dance” all over the house. When he’s itchy, he rubs his backside on pretty much everything from the wall to the corner of the table. He sticks his nose in the air, making him look like he’s doing the iconic Snoopy dance.


AvoDerm has a great variety of food for both dogs and cats. The Revolving Menu is perfect for dogs with allergies (or to help prevent food sensitivities in dogs), while the Triple Protein is fantastic for just about all dogs. They have a weight control formula that I think I’ll try next with Cooper. If you prefer to feed your pets a wet food diet, you’ll find plenty of canned varieties too.


Save $5 on AvoDerm Natural Pet Food and see the difference in your dog’s coat in just six weeks for yourself!

Does your dog have any seasonal troubles with his coat? Have you ever tried AvoDerm Natural pet food for your dogs or cats? Tell me your thoughts in the comments!



42 thoughts on “Help Your Dog Look His Best With AvoDerm Natural Dog Food #AvocadosForDogs”

  1. Oh! I forgot about the annual shedding. My grandma’s dogs used to do that… 🙂 The dog food sounds like they’ve put a lot of thought into making it.

  2. Protein is such an important part of our diet… and we can forget how important it is for our furry family members.

  3. Healthy foods are always essentials for our pets too & I never know that avocados are a superfood for dogs too. AvoDerm sounds like a wonderful product & their triple protein formula is definitely a healthy treat to try out!

  4. Avocado is my favorite favorite favorite food. I never feel guilty about having it since it’s got so many great health attributes. Not shocking that dogs can benefit from it as well. The AvoDerm sounds awesome!

  5. You’re making me miss my puppy (he’s a senior dog) back home! He’s 14 and he’s a yorkie. I’ll have to pick some of this up for him with some new toys. He likes to sniff treat bags and tap which one he wants to nibble on – I’m going to see if he’ll like to try this!

  6. This sounds like a great brand of dog food. I will have to share this with my Sister. She has two dogs she loves to spoil.

  7. Sounds great! I haven’t heard of this brand of food before but I will for sure keep my eyes open. We finally found a food ALL my dogs will eat and enjoy so I don’t plan on switching anytime soon but just in case!

  8. This sounds like a great option for dogs. I don’t have any myself, but I know many that do. Sounds like avocado is great for them too.

  9. I’ve heard many good things about this brand and I’m sure it’s something that will help make dogs healthier and more active in life. I don’t have a dog but I ever decide to adopt, I will definitely consider this brand!

  10. I love your dog’s shiny coat! I am convinced that Avoderm must be on my fur baby’s dish. Thanks for the honest review. My dog should also have healthy options for his daily diet!

  11. So many dogs have allergies, and it’s great to see a brand with a food that has so many benefits. My dog loves his veggies, I bet he would love the taste of avocado too.

  12. I think it’s nice that it works so well you’ll see a change in your dog’s coat. I think it sounds great.

  13. We have a German Shepard so taking acre of his skin and coat is a big job. It’s nice you found something that works great with your dog.

  14. I will have to try Avoderm and see if my fur baby likes it. He is such a picky eater and does not like changes in his dog food. This Avoderm looks like a great product. Will recommend to friends and family.

  15. This sounds like a really great food. I love that it has avocado in it. I wish I could switch my dogs food but my older dog has super sensitive stomach and we cant change her food. I’d like to as I know there are better

  16. This is awesome. I know avocados are great for us humans but so smart that they incorporated the fruit into dog food. This will be very nourishing for the dog!

  17. It is so wonderful that there are dog food options for healthier doggies. Your dog looks like this food is their favorite. Eating it right up!

    1. I didn’t either. It makes lots of sense though because I have heard that avocados are great for our skin and hair!

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