5 Ways We Show Our Dogs That They’re Superstars to Us!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Tender & True Pet Nutrition. All opinions are 100% mine.

Our pets are superstars and it shows! Check out 5 ways we let them know we love them plus learn all about Tender & True pet food!

My pets are superstars in my home. They’re more than just furry companions, they truly are a part of the family. We consider them in just about every decision we make, from the types of plants we put in the garden to whether we eat out or stay home at night. We also take a lot of time to research the best food for our pets. I’m excited to tell you about Tender & True Pet Nutrition, a fabulous pet food that I just discovered. First, though, let me share with you a few ways that we make sure our pets know we love them!

5 Ways to Show Your Love for Your Pets

We have two dogs, Freya and Mocha. Freya is a 9-month-old Pharaoh Hound that we adopted back in November. Mocha is a 5-month-old Lab/Greyhound mix that just joined the family in May.

1- Making room in the bed!

In our house, no one sleeps alone! Freya may look like a lithe and dainty girl, but she takes up more than half the bed when she sprawls out. Fortunately, she sleeps with my mom! Mocha sleeps with me. My son has it the easiest, our cat Willow is content to just lay next to him instead of on him. We have a strict “pets are totally allowed on the furniture” policy in our house, and trust me, they take total advantage of it! It’s not uncommon to watch TV with Freya’s feet in your face. Pharaoh Hounds sleep in the strangest positions! Our pets are superstars and it shows! Check out 5 ways we let them know we love them plus learn all about Tender & True pet food!

2- Accepting that messes are a part of life!

Just like when you have a toddler, parenting a puppy means accepting that your house won’t always be spotless. Freya takes immense joy in ripping apart stuffed animals. Does it make for a pretty picture in our living room? Nope. Still, we let her go to town on her new stuffy because she’s having such a fun time. We can always clean up the mess later.

Our pets are superstars and it shows! Check out 5 ways we let them know we love them plus learn all about Tender & True pet food!

3- Making time for playtime

Pharaoh Hounds are runners, kind of like Greyhounds. They need a period of intense activity to help them calm down and relax. Every afternoon, my son goes out and runs around the yard with her. She’s been really great for him. As a tween boy, he spends a lot of time gaming. Ever since we got Freya, he’s been spending more time outside being active. Every night, we also do at least one “dot run.” We take the laser pointer outside and let Freya chase it across the yard. Freya is CRAZY about playing “dot.” Mocha tries super hard to keep up with her, but Freya runs like the wind! Our pets are superstars and it shows! Check out 5 ways we let them know we love them plus learn all about Tender & True pet food!

4- Treating them like children

I know that all the training experts say that dogs are not people, so you shouldn’t train them the same way you’d train your toddler. Obviously, we’re not buying special toilets and singing the potty song when they go to the bathroom outside. Um, not that I’d admit to, anyway! Still, our dogs are very much like kids to us. We buy them holiday gifts, celebrate their birthdays (with treats, I don’t bake a cake or throw a party!) and talk to them like they can understand every word we’re saying. We also make sure we’re feeding them the best nutrition, just like we do with my son.

5- Choosing the best possible nutrition

I want my dogs to be with me for a long, long time. Over the last year, I lost three dogs to age-related illnesses. Tasha and Maia, both large-breed dogs, were almost 15. Coop was only 10 but he had a rough start to life before we adopted him. Freya was actually a gift to us after we lost the girls. The point is, as hard as it’s been to say goodbye to them, they lived very long and healthy lives. Choosing the best possible nutrition played a huge role in that.


When it comes to feeding my dogs, grain-free is at the top of my “needs to be” list for their food. I look for something with a high-quality protein source and no added fillers or junk. I was really excited to find out that Tender & True Pet Nutrition not only makes amazing grain-free dog food, but they do it as humanely as possible.

What you need to know about Tender & True™ Pet Nutrition

With so many grain-free options in the pet store now, it’s hard to know what to choose for your dog or to figure out what makes one brand stand out over another. With Tender & True™, though, the differences are right there on the packaging. Love all these pros of Tender & True dog food!

Humanely-raised quality ingredients, no junk or fillers

First, they are the ONLY company to make an entire line of antibiotic-free, sustainable AND USDA-certified organic food for both dogs and cats. What does that mean? Basically, they use only humanely raised animals in their product. For example, the chickens in the Organic Chicken & Liver formula were raised cage-free and never fed antibiotics. They don’t just tell you that the food is humanely raised, either. They’re actually certified by the Global Animal Partnership (GAP)!

It’s a Superfood!

Second, every Tender & True™ recipe is the perfect superfood for your superstar pet. They make every formula to meet the same standards as the food you eat. These are truly farm-to-bowl recipes.  You won’t find fillers like corn or soy in the bag. You also won’t find anything artificial! Just real nutrition your pet deserves.

Our pets are superstars and it shows! Check out 5 ways we let them know we love them plus learn all about Tender & True pet food!

Dogs love the taste!

My dogs tried the Organic Chicken & Liver formula. They loved it so much that they ate the kibble plain. Usually, we have to entice them to get started with a little sprinkling of cheese or some other type of topper. Even my cat wants it! Alex has taken up residence on the box that my food came in! Guess I’m going to have to get him his own! Tender & True™ has an Organic Chicken & Liver flavor for cats, too.

If your dogs aren’t big chicken fans, or if they have food allergies, Tender & True makes several other formulas, including a Turkey & Liver recipe and a Ocean Whitefish and Potato Recipe. I love that the entire product line offers balanced nutrition for dogs of all ages. You don’t have to buy special puppy food for one dog and another food for an older dog.

Convinced to give it a try? Find Tender & True near you and pick up a bag for your superstar pets! I bet they’ll love it as much as mine did!

How do you show your pets that they’re superstars in your home? Share below!


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26 thoughts on “5 Ways We Show Our Dogs That They’re Superstars to Us!”

  1. I don’t have dog in my house or even any other pets . That’s so informative article for all dog pets lover

  2. yvonnembertoldo .

    I also have dogs but they are not allowed to go inside the house because I have 2 small kids. Yours are too cute! 🙂 Although I don’t think we have that brand here in our country.

  3. Ahh yes I relate to all of these! We have a dog and when we first got him we said no pets upstairs and certainly not on the bed! Now he takes up most of the room in the bed!!

  4. I like the no pets on the furniture policy too, but I find it impossible with my cats, so I caved a long time ago and just gave them their own rugs to sit on, on the couch (that way at least I can wash the rugs once a week and try to keep the hair shedding over the couch to a minimum). I do shut them in the laundry at night though… they take up wwaaayyy too much room on the bed and I find I just can’t sleep, plus if I don’t shut them away, they will definitely end up on the bed with us!

  5. Your dogs are totally spoiled. Haha. They look so happy. I agree that we have to consider them also while making decisions. Nutrition is very important to keep our furry friends in tip top shape.

  6. Sheerin Siddique

    This is a cute post. I don’t own a pet, but you’ve outlined some nice details. Thanks for sharing!

  7. yea i don’t have a dog just a pet fish so i guess i don’t really think in that way as your post. but i guess it highlights another side to the coin

  8. I dont have a pet right now but will definitely apply all the great tips you gave us! Especially playtime !

  9. Check on all items, except for the mess part, haha! I would go berserk whenever my dog used to make a mess inside the house. LOL!

  10. These are all awesome ideas. It’s really important that we show them that we love them especially through the food that we give them. That’s where most their nutrition comes from.

  11. We had a pets are allowed on furniture policy too when I was growing up. 🙂 You’re right about the nutrition, only the best! Love your pics. Cuties pies.

  12. Yes,we do all of these for our fur babies. I really love when bed time rolls around. Both of them snuggle up to me and I get super warm and toasty.

  13. I have been looking for a food that doesn’t hurt my Rigby’s tummy. I HAVE to keep an eye out for this stuff.

  14. Jeanine @ sixtimemommy.com

    So important that our pups know just how much we love them and they mean to us. My pups are my babies, I do whatever I can to make sure they know they are superstars!

  15. I really like this list. My husband and I are both big-time pet lovers, really dog lovers.
    We treat our dog like a small child (totally agree with you).
    We also have our dog up on our bed and also believe that messes are to be expected (here and there).

  16. I like to have talks with my dogs. They love it when I massage their heads and tell them how pretty they are 🙂

  17. What a cute post, it is important to let our dogs know they are loved and cared for. Love that there are healthy food options for the doggies. WE let our son the couch and beds, they are spoiled in many ways.

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