3 Steps to Sealing Away Stinky Cat Litter Odors with Litter Genie®!

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Is there anything worse than stinky cat litter box odors in your home? Seal it away in 3 easy steps with Litter Genie®! Check it out!

Let’s talk about every cat parent’s favorite thing: cleaning the litter boxes! I know, it’s not the most delightful topic, but it’s definitely something just about every cat parent deals with on a daily basis. Unless you have an outdoor cat (or have actually succeeded in teaching your cat to use the toilet), cleaning out litter boxes is just a fact of life. After all, what goes into them must come out! Where do you put all that stinky litter? If you want to keep it from smelling up the place, you put it in the Litter Genie® Cat Litter Disposal System!

Seal in Stinky Cat Litter Box Odors with Litter Genie®

My cats are a big part of my family. They bring me so much joy, especially when I’m feeling down. Each one (there are five!) has a unique personality. Alex makes me laugh with his complete inability to “cat” properly (seriously, he’s the least graceful cat you’ll ever meet) while Zoe astounds me with her incredible intelligence.

Willow cheers my son up and keeps him company by sleeping next to his head, while Prue uses her big doe eyes to con us into giving her more treats. Mally, who is almost 21 and has been with me for almost as long as I’ve been an adult, sits next to me all day long as I work. Caring for them is a top priority, but so is keeping my home from getting overwhelmed with cat box odor.

Up until I discovered the Litter Genie®, my system for cleaning out the litter boxes involved sitting with a plastic baggie next to us and tossing the litter into the bag as I went along. When I was done, I’d tie up the bag and put it in the garage until garbage day. We can’t put things in garbage cans outside because we live in a woodsy area with crafty raccoons and garbage-thieving bears.

While this system works okay during the winter, when it’s nice and cold in the garage, we’re heading into warmer days now. As you can imagine, during the summer the garage gets incredibly stinky from all that litter! Plus, it’s a lot of work to drag a bag filled with used litter down to the garage.

Last week, I took my son to Walmart to get some new stuff for his room. While I was there, I needed to pick up some things for the cats and my dog. I found the Litter Genie® and its refills in the aisle with the cat litter, so I picked those up, too.

Once home, I put the Litter Genie® to the test. We have two litter boxes. One is upstairs in our laundry room, and one is downstairs closer to where my senior cat sleeps. She has a hard time getting all the way up to the laundry room box because she’s scared of the puppy. I took the Litter Genie® up to the laundry room litter box because, quite honestly, it’s easier to take pictures in there!

Setting up the Litter Genie® is simple thanks to the included directions. Once the bag is in place, you’re just three steps away from odor control!

Step one: Scoop the clumps from your litter box

Step two: Open the lid and drop the clumps in, then close the lid


Step three: Pull the handle and the clumps vanish into the bag, where they’re sealed away for up to 14 days (for one cat, so if you have multiple cats like I do, you’ll need to change the bag a bit more often). When you do remove the bag, the seven layers still seal in odors until trash day. Goodbye, stinky garage!

Aside from locking in odor, the Litter Genie® is a bit easier on my back because I don’t have to bend over every day to pick up a bag full of litter and lug it down to the garage. The handy scoop holder on the side of the Litter Genie® also helps contain the mess. The refill packs are small enough that I can place them on a shelf in my laundry room.

Ready to try it out for yourself? Head over to the Litter Genie® website to learn more and find valuable coupons, then pick one up the next time you’re at Walmart! I also recommend grabbing a few refills while you’re there.

Do you already have a Litter Genie®? What do you love about it? What are your favorite tips for making cleaning the litter box a bit easier? Share below!

15 thoughts on “3 Steps to Sealing Away Stinky Cat Litter Odors with Litter Genie®!”

  1. Annemarie LeBlanc

    What a lifesaver this is. I mean, it doesn’t matter how good your cat litter is, it would still stink. I am getting myself a litter genie. Its sanitary and odor free cat days for me!

  2. I don’t personally own cats but I know others who do. They always say keeping the odors away is the worst part of owning a cat.

  3. We don’t have cats but I know how bad the smell can get! I will have to tell my cat owner friends about this product!

  4. My mom has been adopted by several neighborhood cats. I love that she’s being well loved by the furry friends, but there are some down sides to having numerous pets. Mainly the smell. Glad that is no longer a problem.

  5. My cats can be super stinky sometimes. I have been looking for an alternative to litter boxes, and this should do it!

  6. Litter Genie …. what a perfect way to get rid of the cat litter smell. I love it, and I remember something like this for diapers back in the diaper days!

  7. The Litter Genie sounds like a great way to keep kitty odors at bay. I’ve been to a few homes where you could tell a kitty lived there because of the litter box odor. I think all cat parents should consider the Litter Genie for a fresh smelling home.

  8. Sarah @ The Outside Family

    I think this would be a good present for my FIL. He can’t smell the litter box, but EVERYONE else can.

  9. Oh we definitely have a couple of cats that sound similar to Alex. Cleaning up with the Litter Genie sounds great. It must be nice to be able to lock the odors away right after scooping!

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