5 Impossibly Cool Zootopia Toy Suggestions That Kids Will Love

Disney's Zootopia is a hit in theaters and with many kids and families. We picked some impossibly cool Zootopia toy suggestions your kid will love!

I need some Zootopia toy suggestions stat! Zootopia has hit the big screen with a splash and of course, my munchkin wants a Zootopia toy. I can’t say I blame her as I loved Zootopia too. It can be hard when a movie first makes a splash to know which toys are fun and which are flops. Never fear, we’ve grabbed five of the best Zootopia toys out there so you can stop searching and spend more time playing. See our list of Zootopia toy suggestions and you are sure to find a toy your kid will love!

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5 Impossibly Cool Zootopia Toy Suggestions That Kids Will Love

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Zootopia Judy’s Carrot Recorder And Badge


Have a little kid who loves imaginative play? You have to check out this fun Zootopia toy the Zootopia Judy’s Carrot Recorder and Badge set. This pack includes Judy’s official police badge along with a carrot recorder. Kids can record up to 10 seconds of notes to themselves to solve a crime, just like Officer Judy Hops! I’ve seen a few of these carrots popping up on the toy market, but this Disney Zootopia toy gives you the most bang for your buck.

Disney Zootopia Deluxe 10 Figure Set


I’ve found with movies that have as many amazing characters as Zootopia, playtime can be more fun if you have a whole bunch of the characters. Check out this Disney Zootopia Deluxe 10 Figure Set. This set includes ten figurines that range from 1.5” to 3 inches tall. The set includes all of the major characters plus some of the extra characters. I love figurines like this to adding to building toy sets we already have. How cool would it be to build your own Zootopia city with these figurines, I think I’ll save the cardboard box they arrive in for a city building project. Fun!

Zootopia Judy’s Police Cruiser


Officier Judy Hops is fighting crime in style in the Zootopia Judy’s Police Cruiser. This car set includes a figurine of Judy Hops and one of the law-breaking mice for Judy to catch. The top of this car opens so Judy can sit inside (even with her tail), and the lights really flash on the car. You can also use the trunk of the police car as a jail cell for bad guys like that mouse. This Zootopia toy is a solid choice that a kid will love!

Zootopia Operation Red Wood Figurines


So if I were going to buy just one of the smaller sets of Zootopia figurines, I would buy the Zootopia Operation Red Wood Figurine Set. This adorable figurine set is fully poseable and includes a mixture of mainly two and three-inch figures (with the exception of Jerry, he’s six inches tall). The set will allow you to act out all of Nic and Finnick’s scams from the movie with a nice mix of characters. Includes are Jerry Jumbeaux Jr., Nick, the elephant version of Finnick, two construction mice, a truck for the mice and a huge jumbo popsicle. This set is going to be fun, and I can bet these little figurines will be scaling your couches.

Zootopia Officer Judy Hops Talking Plush


Zootopia Officer Judy Hops is one of Zootopia’s finest and is sure to be a favorite character with your child. This huggable plush is 13.5” tall, and is full of fun and positive messages from the movie. Judy is just looking to make Zootopia and the world a better and hoppier place. This little bunny is going to make her mark on the police force, even if she’s not as big as some of the other animals. I like her positive messages. It’s a great choice for any kid to hug.

So have you seen Zootopia? Which of our Zootopia suggestions do you love? Tell me in the comments!

18 thoughts on “5 Impossibly Cool Zootopia Toy Suggestions That Kids Will Love”

  1. Sadly Zootopia was confirmed a furry fandom movie, by 2 animators whoa re in that fandom and one cosplays as his character….so not much a kids movie

  2. I am just loving it, these are some wonderful toy ideas for kids to make sure they have all the fun. The Carrot Recorder And Badge is amazing & I love that cute Judy Hops Talking Plush as well.

  3. I love that there are so many toys to choose from. I would go for the badge and the recorder and also the 10 figure toy set. Zootopia is definitely a great movie, not just for kids but for the kids at heart!

  4. christina aliperti

    My nieces love Zootopia and I think they would love all of these. The twins have a birthday coming up so these are great gift ideas!

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