Modern Family- Season 7- Episode 1- Summer Lovin Recap & Highlights


Modern Family- Season 7- Episode 1- Summer Lovin

Modern Family Season 7, Episode 1 picks up right where Season 6 ended, at Jay and Gloria’s house celebrating Alex’s high school graduation. Of course, Phil is not there because he had to postpone his flight from Seattle due to an ear infection.

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Our Modern Family- Season 7- Episode 1- HIGLIGHTS

  • Phil tries to call Hayley to tell her that Andy has feeling for her. Andy confided in Phil that he has feelings for someone other than Beth, but it took Phil awhile to catch on as to who that someone was. Meanwhile, Andy is on his way to propose to Beth at the beach. When Hayley hears this news, she rushes to the beach to try and stop him but she is too late and he is already there proposing to Beth. It was heartbreaking to see Hayley struggle over approaching Andy or not. When Andy pulled out a ring and proposed, it felt like it was game over for Andy and Hayley.
  • Claire and Hayley are making a quilt out of Hayley’s old clothes, until Phil decides to stop the pity party and suggest the family go see a movie. At the mall, Hayley runs into her old boyfriend, Dylan and decides to go out for coffee with him. This was a total rebound situation. Why did Phil call over Dylan when he knew his daughter was hurting. Dylan is also wearing these wacky tees that were pretty lame, but may end up in retail.
  • Andy overhears Phil and Claire talking about how Hayley has feelings for Andy and tried to stop him from proposing to Beth by going to the beach.
  • Mitchell and Cameron are starting to have financial issues since Mitchell has been out of work due to being fired from his job. Mitch has had no prospects on the horizon either. Meanwhile, the apartment that they bought upstairs has some work that needs done before they can rent it out. They plan to make it a short-term rental unit, sort of like a bed and breakfast type thing.
  • Cameron takes on a second job as a driver education teacher but soon becomes frustrated that he is working two jobs and pays a visit to Charlie, Mitchell’s old employer.
  • Gloria and Jay are checking out preschools for little Joe, when they are shocked at how competitive the field is. The one preschool they were hoping to get Joe in has a long waiting list. They happen upon another preschool where there are chickens running around, which doesn’t impress Jay at all. Joe is fascinated with the chickens, so fascinated he picks one up and destroys it. Whoops! The chickens are just a hilarious. Maybe I should open a farm-themed preschool!
  • Alex and Sanjay break up because of not being able to handle a long-distance relationship through college.

The last part of the Modern Family show fast forwards to September.


  • Jay unsuccessfully tried to get Joe into the preppie preschool by offering to build new cubbies, which he completely failed at.
  • Andy returns to town from spending a month in Utah planning his wedding to Beth. He has gained a large amount of weight and it seems is eating his feelings for Hayley.
  • Hayley confronts Andy, asking him if gaining weight was his way of dealing with his feelings for her. He denies it and they end up arguing, before walking out on each other.
  • Alex and Sanjay reconcile before he leaves. This was such a cute moment! Both are always in the top percentile, and they are so right. Why would they fall in the percentage that would break up when they are always on top? They have this relationship down to a science, I hope!
  • Mitchell is still out of work. He tries unsuccessfully to find a job as a lawyer. He then considers a career in the arts field until he realizes there is no money in that field. It is pretty funny to watch Mitchell try to be an artist which is truly not really his passion, he is almost trying on an artist’s costume. Cam can see right through this, and wants Mitchell to go back to the job he enjoys. It helps that Mitchell’s old job paid the bills too!

Show note: They have slightly aged the character of Joe. He would have been 2 ½ this year but has been aged to 3 ½. He was previously played by Pierce Wallace and is now played by Jeremy Maguire.

Are you a Modern Family fan? What are you looking forward to seeing happen in this season?

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  1. I think I’ve only ever watched until season 4. It would be nice to catch up as Modern Family is such an entertaining and true to the heart show.

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