Modern Family Season 7- 10/06 Recap: Mitch’s new job #ModernFamily

MODERN FAMILY - "The Closet Case" - Being the cool dad that he is, Phil helps Haley convince Claire to allow Dylan to move in temporarily, but after seeing how intimate living together means, Phil is having major second thoughts. Mitch takes on a much needed consulting job that just so happens to be for Jay's biggest rival - Closets, Closets, Closets, Closets! - which doesn't go over well with Jay, and elsewhere, Gloria and Cameron disagree on how to handle Manny's girl problem at school, on "Modern Family," WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 7 (9:00-9:31 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network. (ABC/Ron Tom) ED O'NEILL, SOFIA VERGARA

Last night, Modern Family, season 7,  episode 3 was full of interesting events. If you missed it, our recap will get you updated. If you did not, read our thoughts too and don’t forget to share yours.  As our title suggests, the most important highlight of this episode 3 is Mitch’s new job! Read on our Modern Family season 7, week 3 recap.

Our Modern Family- Season 7- Episode 2- HIGHLIGHTS

  • Mitch is in the midst of looking for a new job so he can support his family. He applies for a job as a consultant with Jay’s biggest rival- Closets, Closets, Closets, Closets! He is happy to learn that he gets the job but is worried how his dad will react. The rival goes back years when Earl Chambers stole Jay’s rolodex and started his own business with Jay’s clients.
  • Hayley wants Dylan to move into the basement with her, just on a part-time basis so he can save money for his t-shirt business. She talks to her dad first, who tries to be the cool dad. Haley and Dylan need Phil’s help to convince Claire to let Dylan stay. I am really confused as to why Haley even wants Dylan staying with her when she is obviously in love with Andy? I realize that Andy is now engaged, but the viewers of the show all know that Haley and Andy will get back together.
  • Mitch goes over to tell Jay about the job offer. He figures it is best that his dad hears the news from him first. The two end up getting into an argument when Jay tells him that he isn’t working there and Mitch storms out of the house.
  • So Manny has a problem with girls at school. Gloria tries to intervene and goes to Manny’s school to try and pay the cheerleader to decorate Manny’s locker, an old football tradition.
  • Phil goes to the basement looking for his phone charger and he sees Dylan in bed with his little girl. He still wants to try and be the cool dad, so he tries to get Claire to kick Dylan out. Claire sees right through Phil and decides to be the cool mom herself and not throw him out.
  • Mitch starts his new job with Earl realizing who he is and tells him that he wants to put the past behind him and reconcile with Jay. Mitch is excited over the news and stops by Jay’s house to tell him the news. However, Mitch realizes he has been duped when a truck dives by with an ad on it saying, “Jay Pritchell Even Your Son Hates You.”
  • Mitch and Jay decide to break into Earl’s office. They are caught by Earl and leave after Jay puts a staple in Earl’s head. Later, father and son bond when Mitch gives his father back his old rolodex that he stole from Earl’s office.
  • Claire decides not to be the cool mom and tells Dylan that he needs to move out in the morning. She tells Dylan to stay in Alex’s room for the night. However, Alex comes home after Sanjay breaks up with her and finds Dylan in her bed. The commotion wakes the family up and Phil tells Dylan to go sleep in the basement with Haley.

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