5 Best Kid Shows to Help Teach Them Math

Right here we have the 5 best kid shows to help teach math.  There are math aspects in most every show your child watches, but which are the best ones?

Right here we have the 5 best kid shows to help teach math.  There are math aspects in most every show your child watches, but which are the best ones?  Many focus on literacy and reading, and math is tossed in.  There are so many things our little people need to learn, and it seems all at once!  How to be a good friend, how to share, being honest, reading, colors, the list goes on and on.  Here are 5 that we feel are best to help teach math!

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Best Kid Shows to Help Teach Math

Team Umizoomi: This show has been on on air since 2005 on Nickelodeon.  The network realized that there were many shows aimed at helping to teach kids to read, but not so many that were focused on math for preschool aged kids.  The show focuses on counting, measurement and simple computation.  The show itself is very kid friendly!  It features 2 mini superheros and a break-dancing robot (who doesn’t love a break-dancing robot?)  There is even a learning tool for parents on the Nick Jr. website at www.nickjr.com.

Sesame Street: This is still a great go-to show!  They focus a lot on math.  If you remember, the show always opens up with a number of the day and you see it throughout the show.  The puppets are coupled with real live people.  Together they learn about counting throughout the show and different simple math skills.  You enjoyed it right?  Now let your kids enjoy it too!  It is still showing on PBS, and you can find old episodes on YouTube.

Blue’s Clues: You might remember this one, depending on your age or the age of your siblings.  I was too old, but my brother enjoyed this for a while.  Specifically there is an episode dedicated to math, season 2 episode 008.  Steve and Blue teach kids how to count using other characters in the show as well.  Like many (if not all) shows these days, you can find this and other related episodes on YouTube.  

Bubble Guppies: I happen to like this show!  It takes the term ‘school of fish’ pretty literally.  The characters are preschoolers, set in an underwater school.  They don’t just focus on math, they also discuss reading and science as well.  There is a fun educational app you can download as well.  My daughter played it for a long time.  There are math games and letter games and more.  It is a good quiet time tool or one to sit with your child and learn along with with them.  You can find this show on Nickelodeon and Nick Jr.

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Jake and The Neverland Pirates:  This is a cute show with a different take on the Peter Pan story. I didn’t think this show had much to do with math at first, until I sat down and watched it with my daughter (yes, I like this show too, it’s cute).  There is a lot of problem solving, lessons on being a good friend, and lots of counting.  When you complete the job, you get to count your gold doubloons!  You can check out Jake and his friends on Disney Channel and Disney Jr.  They are also on Netflix.

There are not many kid’s show that focus strictly on math.  Team Umizoomi is the closest one.  The important thing is that many (if not all) do have a math concept involved in the show.  You can always sit with your child and watch and point out the math aspects and talk about them.  You can follow up with a little fun of counting while you do daily tasks.  Math is everywhere, we just tend to forget sometimes!

What are your favorite kid shows to help teach math?  Share with us below in the comment section.

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  1. These look like great educational shows. I know my girls loved Sesame Street and Blues Clues when they were little, and I liked that they were learning while being entertained.

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