Have a Blast Saving the Planet with 5 Fun Earth Day Party Games for Adults

Have a blast cleaning up the planet with these fun Earth Day party games for adults! Conserving the earth is serious business, but it can still be fun!

Hosting a clean-up bash, complete with Earth Day party games for adults, is a great way to preserve the environment while also having fun at the same time. Just because you’re spending the day tending to the planet’s needs doesn’t mean you can’t make it entertaining. When our kids are little, we try to make cleaning up their toys fun, right? The same principal applies to cleaning up the Earth. Earth Day party games can be  a fun way to emphasize the importance of protecting the environment.  Here are some great ideas to do just that.

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Earth Day Party Games for Adults

Litter Crew Scavenger Hunt

Cleaning up litter goes much faster when you make it a game! Give everyone a big trash bag and a list of clues for landmarks in your area. These can be big landmarks, like a giant statue in town square, or smaller things, like a single tree standing alone in a field. Once they find the landmark, they need to collect all the trash from the site before checking it off.  Not only will you and your friends or family be doing a great thing but others will respect and admire your compassion for the environment. Running around and trying to find things is not only incredibly fun but also great exercise on a nice day.

Race to Clean

A variation on the scavenger hunt, if you only have a few locations in mind to cleanup and don’t have enough material to put together a full hunt, a “race to clean” is another fun game. Assign each team an equal-sized location (or a piece of a grid at a larger location). On your mark, get set and go! Who can clean it spic and span the fastest? If you’re looking for Earth Day party games for adults as part of a work day team building event, this one is great for encouraging team work, as team members will need to come up with a plan to conquer the mess the fastest.

Trash To Treasure

Have your guests use items like milk jugs, grocery bags, aluminum can, and other recyclables to create things that can be used as a centerpiece to your table or any other surfaces. Not only is is fun to create some amazing masterpieces but you can also turn it into a competition, which everyone knows is incredibly fun. The rule of the game: they have to create something they’d actually want to keep or gift. We’re trying to keep things out of landfills here, remember!

Earth Day Trivia Game

You’ll need a few down-time Earth Day party games for adults. Even the most dedicate clean-up crew needs a break! Gather up all your friends or family and do a little trivia game. It will be entertaining and helps spread some eco-awareness to everyone around. Do some pre-party prep and ask questions that are about the environment.  Turn it into a competition if you want to add some more excitement. This will get everyone excited to play.

Flower Power

Before the party, ask your guests to bring along a flat of herbs or flowers from a local nursery (or from their own garden). Gather up your friends and family and make amazing and  beautiful miniature flower gardens in a box or container. Those who have large back yards can go home and plant them in the ground. For those without yards, they’ll have fabulous container gardens that they can tend to on their deck or windowsill. Choose herbs, vegetables and other plants that can be used in cooking as well as a few that are just lovely to look at.

Another variation for those times when bringing flowers and making a mini garden isn’t practical: make seed bombs! Check out our tutorial on how to do it.

Looking for an easy earth day craft that also helps make the planet more beautiful? Turn a drab piece of land into a work of art with wildflower seed bombs!

These Earth Day party games for adults will help you and your friends clean up your neighborhood in no time and have a blast doing it! Conserving the environment is a serious issue, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun at the same time.

Do you have any other favorite Earth Day party games for adults? Share in the comments!

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  1. This would be great to do during company team building activities. Nothing better than doing something good for the environment and the community. Thank you for the ideas. I will suggest this for our next team building this summer.

  2. This is pretty unique! Love all the ideas of Earth day party games for adults. We might try some of those soon!

  3. These are the some great ways for honoring our Earth day. Awesome idea and activities that every one may gave their potential to create more plan dealing with it. Looks so much fun.

  4. trash to treasure sounds really fun! my daughter would have win that one haha she can just make lots of stuffs from our empty milk jug or cartons haha

  5. I like the Earth Day ideas! It’s always nice to join in and honor Earth Day! It’s one of the best days to honor Earth in all its lovely glory.

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