‘Dr. Ken’ episode 2 recap & Episode 3 Spoilers #DRKEN


Did you miss Dr.Ken last night? Don’t worry, we get you covered with this episode 2 recap. I will also share some spoiler alerts from episode 3. Read on below and have some giggles. This family comedy show is just hilarious. I like how I can relate to some of the things happening.

Dr.Ken Episode 2 Recap

  • In this episode 2 of Dr.Ken, Ken’s parents are coming over for dinner since he invited them because he never sees them. No one in the family is thrilled, except for Dave. Allison honestly believes that Ken’s parents don’t like her. And Molly says that she tries to start a conversation with them but all they ask are two questions: How’s school?
  • The office is celebrating Clark’s passing his boards and becoming an RN. Clark really wants Dr. Ken to notice his accomplishment. However, when Dr. Ken arrives in the office, he is in his own little world as usual and is completely oblivious to Clark passing the boards.
  • Clark is highly upset, and rightly so. He writes a fake patient complaint letter regarding Dr. Ken’s bedside manner. Pat comes into the office to inform Dr. Ken that he has had another patient complaint comment card, making it his third, and just like in baseball, three strikes and you are out. No, Dr. Ken is not out of a job but he is forced to attend a seminar on bedside manner. The bad news is that the seminar starts tonight at 5:00 pm. Dr. Ken tries to get out of the seminar, since his parents are due at the house for dinner but try and he might, he cannot get out of attending the seminar.
  • Dr. Ken reluctantly calls his wife, Allison to tell her about the seminar. She is less than happy because she has to deal with his parents. Dinner went just as everyone pretty much planned. Allison tries to make small talk with Dr. Ken’s parents while they pretty much ignore her and stay quiet. They also push the food she made around the plate, as predicted by Allison. And of course, the same two questions are asked to Molly. How’s school and You like a boy?
  • The next day, Dr. Ken and Clark get into an argument, after Clark divulges that he is the one who filed the complaint form. Dr. Ken first though it was one of his patients that filed it, one he had a slight spat with the day before. Dr. Ken says he wants another nurse and Clark says he wants another doctor, which they both get what they wish for.
  • Dr. Ken invites his parents over for dinner that night since he feels bad for missing last night. Bad news again folks, Dr. Ken has the seminar again. Oh and more bad news, he forgets to tell Allison that he invited them for dinner this time. She is furious when they show up and calls Dr. Ken, where he confesses he invited them and forgot to tell her.
  • During the seminar, he realizes that Clark is really his friend. Meanwhile, at the office, Damona reads the letter to Clark that Dr. Ken wrote for his RN promotion. Well, it is a letter that Damona wrote and Dr. Ken just signed, but she left that part out. In the end, Clark and Dr. Ken make up and are working together again.
  • At dinner, after a few sips of wine, Allison comes out and asks Dr. Ken’s parents why they don’t like her. They inform her that they like her and think that sometimes she is too good for Dr. Ken. But they do admit they don’t like her cooking.

Dr.Ken Episode 3 Spoiler:


Pat wants everyone to start working on Saturdays, so the workers in the office ask Ken to talk Pat out of it. When Ken visits Pat at home, he’s shocked to find out he’s living in a boat in the driveway. After Pat explains he’s going through a divorce but still loves his wife, Ken thinks they’ve had a bonding moment. Meanwhile, Dave is given a new nickname at school and it brings up bad memories for Allison.

Did you watch Dr.Ken episode 2 last night? What moment did you enjoy the most?

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  1. I’ve never seen any of the episodes, but this sounds like a show I’ll watch when I’m having a tough day. Thanks for the recap!

  2. This looks like a good show. I haven’t caught an episode yet. I haven’t seen any of the premiers I intended to watch yet. I plan to catch up eventually. Thanks for the reminder.

  3. I’ve never watched Dr. Ken show before. I really need to watch the show. It looks funny and interesting to watch.

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