7 Despicable Me 3 Movie Quotes That Speak to Your Inner Minion

Minions, unite! These 7 Despicable Me 3 movie quotes will make you want to join Gru for a walk on the dark side! Check them out!


Minions, unite! These Despicable Me 3 movie quotes will make you want to join Gru for a stroll to the dark side! The big question is, will he stay there? Poor Gru, the wanna-be super villain finally settled into his life as a good guy (for the most part!) when his brother comes along and sucks him back into a life of crime. It doesn’t help that his long lost brother, Balthazar Bratt, is seemingly more successful than Gru.  Let’s check out some quotes from the upcoming movie, then a few of our favorites from the other films in the franchise! Don’t forget to check out our trivia post for more Minion madness!

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Despicable Me 3 Movie Quotes

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1. Conversation between Lucy Wilde and Gru:

Lucy- “Agents “Grucy” are closing fast.”

Gru- “Yes! Wait, what? What did you call us?”

Lucy- “Grucy. You know, Gru and Lucy mushed together.”

Gru- “I like it, but not a lot. I don’t like it.”

Lucy is Gru’s wife, voiced by Kristen Wiig. Gru is voiced by Steve Carell.



2. Conversation between Agnes and Gru, as Agnes is selling her toys in a yard sale, talking about one of the toys:

Agnes- “He’s really good to snuggle with.”

Gru- “Agnes, what are you doing?”

Agnes- “Since you don’t have a job, I just wanted to help.”

Gru is fired from his job after letting Balthazar Bratt get away. Agnes is the youngest adopted daughter of Gru and Lucy, voiced by Nev Scharrel.


3. Conversation between Dru and Gru:

Dru- “You ready to continue the family tradition, you and me?”

Gru- “No, I left that life behind me.”

Dru- “Just one heist.”

Dru is Gru’s long-lost twin brother. Both roles are voiced by Steve Carell.



4. Conversation between Tech Guy and Silas Ramsbottom:

Tech Guy- “It’s some kind of monster.”

Silas- “Wait, that’s not a monster. That’s a man wearing shoulder pads. There’s only one supervillain whose fashion sense is quite that dated: Balthazar Bratt.”

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5. Conversation between Gru and Silas Ramsbottom:

Gru- “Oh, attitude. That’s right. So, thanks but no thanks. And here’s a tip: Instead of tasing people and kidnapping them, maybe you should give them a call! Good day, Mr. Sheepsbutt.”

Silas- “Ramsbottom.”

Gru- “Yeah, like that’s any better.”

Silas is the Anti-Villain League director, voiced by Steve Coogan.


6. Conversation between Agnes and Gru:

Agnes- “I don’t think I should do this.”

Gru- “Well, what do you mean? Why not?”

Agnes- “I don’t even have a mom.”

Gru- “Well, you don’t need one to do the show. I mean, you did the Veteran’s Day pageant and you haven’t been in combat.”


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7. Conversation between Margo and Gru:

Margo- “Hello? Cookies for sale!”

Gru- “Go away, I’m not home!”

Margo- “Uh, yes you are. I heard you.”

Gru- “No, you didn’t. This is a recording.”

Margo is the oldest of Gru’s three adopted girls, voiced by Miranda Cosgrove.

I can’t wait to see Despicable Me 3 in theaters, how about you? This is one family movie franchise that never gets old!


Have you seen any other great Despicable Me 3 quotes yet? What are your favorites from the other movies? Share below!

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