7 Amazing Activity Books That Will Keep Your Kids From Saying “Are We There Yet” + Giveaway

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If you are looking for fun activity books, easy holiday gifts, or even books to keep the kids busy on the way to Grandma’s this holiday season, then you need to check out all the great offerings from Dover Publications! My daughter had a chance to review 7 amazing books.  They’re not only a great way to occupy the kids, they’re also a fabulous confidence-booster! Just the other day my daughter ran up to me, so proud she had colored well in between the lines! Check out our favorite Dover books, read on for a chance to win your own set! Plus, don’t miss our special discount code from Dover, just in time for the holidays!

7 Amazing Activity Books That Will Keep Your Kids From Saying “Are We There Yet”

Marvelous Me! A Personalized Coloring Book


This Marvelous Me! A Personalized Coloring Book was the biggest surprise of the package! It was so much fun! So you take two pictures of your child’s face and tape it into the book. Each coloring page ha a hole in it so you see the child’s face through all of the pages. You’re then coloring a picture of the little kiddo dressed up as something. Think of this like those dress up photo stops you stick your head through and take a picture, but portable and you can color it!

All About Marvelous Me A Draw And Write Journal

This is a fun book that is a great way to look back on your kid’s hopes, dreams, and preferences when they get bigger! The book asks things like where would you go on your dream vacation, what new ice cream flavor would you create, and even draw yourself at the age you are right now. If your child isn’t reading it is a book you can work through with them, but it’s also fun for the older elementary aged kids too.

Art From Simple Shapes


This was another surprise book from Dover Publications, and I’m so glad they sent it to us! Mom, look at all the things you can draw from shapes, my daughter said. This book includes a stencil for practicing basic shapes, and lots of visual instructions on how to draw various ideas like dinosaurs, penguins and ice cream cones. I can see this book easily being an activity that’s fun if you have two children of different ages. One can be drawing shapes, while the older works on more detailed pictures. We loved the Art From Simple Shapes book!

The Bernstein Bears Storytime Treasure

The Bernstein Bears Storytime Treasure isn’t an activity book; it’s more of a giant soft sided storybook. The four seasons talk about family, the four season, going grocery shopping and bedtime. We have long been a fan the Bernstein Bears, and this book with its big colorful images is amazing. It’s the perfect size to slide in your suitcase when you travel for bedtime.

Hidden Pictures: Coloring & Puzzle Fun

My daughter really enjoyed this puzzle book, and the images are detailed enough that the hunting is fun. Once I showed her how the book works, she could work through the puzzles on her own even though she’s not reading quite yet.

My First Book About Backyard Nature

My First Book About Backyard Nature  is fun and is aimed at the elementary level kid. Each page was almost a mini field guide to different types of animals, plants, and bugs you find commonly in the backyard. We thoroughly enjoyed identifying some of the leaves we had collected, and I can see many more backyard explorations to come!

Pretty Ponies Paper Dolls


These ponies and all seventy-five of their outfits delighted my child. From a masquerade to a pajama party, to playing soccer in our living rooms, these ponies had an outfit for everything. While the ponies themselves pop out easily of the book, the outfits do need to be cut by hand. I’m saving the rest of this book for my kiddo to play with her Auntie at the holidays.

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Which of these activity books do you think your kids would love the most? Share in the comments!


67 thoughts on “7 Amazing Activity Books That Will Keep Your Kids From Saying “Are We There Yet” + Giveaway”

  1. Okay the learn how to draw book using shapes is pretty awesome. I was a nerd as a child and I would have adored that! #client

  2. with 5 grandkids here daily they would love both sets …but if I had to choose it would pick Art From Simple Shapes set

  3. All About Marvelous Me! A Draw and Write Journal would be loved and appreciated by my daughter. I encourage her and this would make a great keepsake of an expression of the world through her eyes at this young age.

  4. Which of these activity books do you think my niece and nephew would love most? I think the Bernstein Bears Storytime Treasure

  5. Backyard Nature would be the favorite. My granddaughter loves to come to our farm so she can find all kinds of bugs and animals to study. She would love this book.

  6. I think my daughter would love the “Art From Simple Shapes”. She has recently shown a desire to draw and will sit there and watch YouTube videos of people drawing and copy what they are doing!

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