i-Mat: My Animal World: A Unique Educational Activity Set for Kids

We received a complimentary i-Mat: My Animal World in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are our own.

My daughters and I had the opportunity to review i-Mat: My Animal World. This unique activity set is both fun and educational. It is also perfect if you have children of varying ages. Alannah, 22 months and Mary-Grace, 4, both had a lot of fun with this educational toy.

What is the i-Mat?


The i-Mat has 4 giant foam pieces that you place together, like a puzzle. On it there are pictures of tons of different animals as well as bodies of water and plant life. It also comes with an interactive pen. When your child aims the pen at an animal, plant or body of water on the i-Mat: My Animal World, it tells them what it is and also makes animal sounds. It also comes with the neat feature of different languages. This is perfect for our household since my husband is of Mexican descent. Many members of his family speak Spanish as well as English and it is important to them that the children in the family know their Mexican heritage and also know the language.

How Does i-Mat: My Animal World Work?

First you will need to put 2 AAA batteries into the interactive pen. Once your foam mats are placed together on the floor, just aim the pen at one of the flags. This will tell the pen which language you want. The options are English, Spanish and Mandarin Chinese. In addition to it speaking the names of the animals and making their sounds, your child can also play 2 different interactive games.

Do Kids Enjoy i-Mat: My Animal World?


Yes! Alannah and Mary-Grace love this interactive toy! Alannah mostly laid on the mat and laughed at her sister while Mary-Grace would point the pen at an animal, then repeat what the animal was. Then after the interactive pen made the animal sound, Mary-Grace would jump up and mimic it. They had a blast with this.

Features of i-Mat
The i-Mat is spill-proof, lightweight and can be stored easily. It has both basic and advanced educational games and teaches vocabulary and comprehension. It also comes with a USB port so you can download new sound files so your children can explore new i-Mat adventures.

My children and I are very pleased with i-Mat: My Animal World and look forward to seeing what other products Creative Baby comes out with! Check out the video to see how much my kids enjoyed playing with the i-Mat!

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64 thoughts on “i-Mat: My Animal World: A Unique Educational Activity Set for Kids”

  1. What a great way to feel as though you are in the jungle with animals. We forget that a mat like that is HUGE to little kids. Remember those days?

  2. I learned that additional voice pens are $59.99 (it says in case siblings want to play together; more likely in my house, one would get misplaced!)

  3. I learned the mat is captivating to the little ones and they have fun while learning

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  4. I learn that it speaks 3 languages English, French and Chinese. What a great learning tool for kids and it is easy for them to use.

  5. I would love my children to be able to pick up on a third language (chinese) most toys only offer English and Spanish! I can see this mat being a family favorite! :)

  6. Cassandra Eastman

    I learned that you just touch the i-Mat and it tells you the animals name, plays the animal sound and music as well! I love that it has the words in 3 languages as well!

  7. I watched the video from the customer and I learned that the mat is extremely durable and the voice pen is very easy to use! I also learned that different music plays after each animals! I learned that there are different levels of gameplay and it speaks in 3 other languages!

  8. I learned that the iMat is easy enough for even young children to operate and learn on. The little boy in the bottom video is so adorable and amazing with the iMat.


  9. I learned they they test their products with families all over the world to determine what works best to engage children and parents in a family setting.

  10. this has 3 launguges awesome my daughter is autistic and this would be so wonderful for her she is nonverbal and would reallt enjoy this

  11. Looks like the I mat and pen is the only thing they have. It looks like an awesome product! I would love to win it for my kiddos.

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