Help Combat Childhood Obesity with Eat To Win

Combating childhood obesity is a challenge that falls on both the parents and the children. A little education about the right food choices can  go a long way to building a lifetime of healthy eating habits, and kids respond better when the learning is fun. The Eat to Win Board Game not only educates children about weight-loss and healthy eating, it does it in an entertaining and totally innovative way.

Eat to Win was developed by a mom who saw how her own child struggled with childhood obesity, and she wanted to find a way to help him. The goal of the games is to provide information about nutrition and the importance of exercise through fun activities. She started with the basic Eat to Win Board game and branched out to the Eat to Win Kid’s Weight Loss Edition, and now has an app for adults coming out.

The original Eat to Win Board Game features a traditional-style board with a twist- the value of each space is equal to the number of calories in the food pictured on the space. The fun really happens when kids land on a “Do It” space and have to choose an activity card depicting some type of wildly hilarious activity to perform.

Eat to Win board game: helps fighting childhood obesity

The Eat to Win Kid’s Weight Loss Edition is an interesting way to help your kids make good choices and lose weight in a fun way. Too often, kids view your efforts to help prevent childhood obesity as a punishment. They don’t think about the fact that you’re denying them a candy bar because you don’t want them to become overweight; they just know that you’re not letting them have something delicious that they want.

With Eat to Win Kid’s Weight Loss Edition, losing weight actually becomes fun. The system (because it’s more a system than a game) gives kids special dollars that they can use to buy treats, but they have to earn the dollars in the first place. You can decide how much they earn and what they need to do to get it. When they use the dollars, the amount of money per item is based on the calories. If they decide to buy a cookie, they could wipe out their entire savings in one bite! The Weight Loss Edition also comes with other tools to help them learn about healthy eating.

Creative Child magazine recognized the benefits behind the games, they awarded Eat to Win the 2012 Game of the Year Award in the Kids Games in the Nutrition Category. If you’re looking for a fun way to teach help prevent childhood obesity in your child, Eat to Win would make a great choice. The fact that is was designed by an actual mom really helps, as no one understands kids better than those who actually have them.

Note- Our Family World is in no way affiliated with Eat to Win. We just thought it was a really cool game and wanted to share it with those who are struggling to teach their children healthy eating habits and prevent childhood obesity.


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