Get the Facts Up Front and Make Healthy Meal Choices for Your Family #FactsUpFront

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of the Facts Up Front program.


We at OurFamilyWorld are passionate about preventing childhood obesity and empowering parents to make better food choices. Part of making the best choices for your family is reading labels before adding anything to your shopping cart. We all know it’s important to look at the calorie, fat and sugar content in our food, but how many of us really do it every time we’re shopping?

I have a confession: I’m a bit lazy about checking nutrition labels on the back of foods as I shop. The print is too small for me to see without reading glasses, something I never remember to take with me.  I know I can’t be the only person who gets a bit lax on label-checking! That’s why I am happy to tell you about the Facts up Front label.

Facts up Front Helps You Make Informed Choices

When you’re shopping for groceries, what is the first thing you see on every shelf? The front of the item, right? We shop based on the front of the package. That’s what draws our eye, signals that we’ve found our favorite brand or that there is a new great brand out there to try. So it makes sense to put the pertinent nutrition information right on the front of the label too, don’t you think?

Facts up Front is a voluntary initiative led by the Grocery Manufacturers Association, meaning manufacturers don’t HAVE to do it. Still, many of the biggest names in the grocery store are joining the initiative to help consumers make more informed choices.


The Facts up Front label brings the most important information from the main nutrition facts label to a place that’s easier for you to see: right up front. Typically, it includes information about calories, fat, sugar and sodium. Labels may also include the amount of beneficial nutrients in the food, as long as it contains more than 10 percent of that nutrient.

I took a peek in my pantry to see how many foods I had with the Facts up Front label. I was happy to find that several of my favorite brands are participating in the initiative.


Facts up Front is more than just a convenient label initiative, though. Their website offers amazing resources to help families make the best possible nutrition choices. My favorite is their delicious recipes sections, filled with everything from appetizers to desserts. I also found the nutrition quiz extremely informative.


The quiz takes you through a series of 10 questions to test your knowledge on both the Facts up Front label and nutrition in general. I suggest taking it because I only scored a 60%, so obviously I wasn’t as informed as I thought I was.

What do you think of the Facts up Front initiative? Have you seen the label on any of your favorite brands in the grocery store?

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of the Facts Up Front program.

8 thoughts on “Get the Facts Up Front and Make Healthy Meal Choices for Your Family #FactsUpFront”

  1. I’ve seen these labels in store and they really are eye catching and when you do see them you get a lot of information all at once. I’m a huge proponent.

  2. I’ve really been trying to be more aware of what is in the foods my family eats so I love this label idea. It really helps put it all in view to make better choices.

  3. I am so bad with this as well. I love the products that show the numbers right in the front, makes it easier to spot. I have only seen it on a few products though, now Ill be looking more.

  4. Great initiative. Unfortunately most people do not know how to interpret the numbers. A serving of Nutella includes 21 g sugar which is equivalent to 5 1/2 teaspoons. The American Health Association’s maximum daily recommended intake for toddlers is 3-4 teaspoons of sugar and for teens is 5–8 teaspoons.

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