FitNFlash Cards Help Combat Childhood Obesity While Encouraging Learning

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If you want to help combat childhood obesity, you have to make it fun! We received these really cool flash cards for review to check out how FitNFlash can help keep kids active in both mind and body.


FitNFlash flashcards are a whole new way to help get kids active. Designed to be used during mini breaks, they’re a quick way to encourage children to use both their bodies and their brains. You already know how important physical activity is to help keep childhood obesity at bay, but did you know that it also has enormous benefits on your child’s ability to learn? A 2010 report from the CDC analyzes the results of numerous studies into the academic benefits of physical activity. One group of studies specifically looked at how short physical activity breaks during class improved cognitive function, mood and attentiveness. Of nine studies, eight found positive benefits in taking short activity breaks. None of the studies found any negative results.

What does this mean? Basically, encouraging kids to get active for even as little as five minutes several times a day can actually help them become better learners. FitNFlash cards are designed to be used during these short breaks, making it both easy and fun to get kids moving.

Using FitNFlash to prevent childhood obesity and encourage better academic scores

Each FitNFlash deck comes with both activity cards and learning cards. The learning cards are tailored to age groups. Pre-K and Kindergarten kids count shapes, while older kids do math problems like addition and subtraction. The decks also come with instructions and a “menu” of ideas on how to use them. While teachers can tailor the ideas to fit the needs of their kids, the basics go a little like this:

      • Divide the deck into two smaller decks- one with the activities and one with the learning problem.
      • Show your children a problem card and have them work together to determine the answer. For example, if you are using the shape cards, have kids count all the shapes.


    • Show kids the activity card and have them perform the exercise based on the solution to the problem. If they counted ten shapes, for example, and drew a “squats” card, they would do ten squats.


Once kids have mastered the shape counting, you may want to mix things up a bit. On cards that have more than one shape, have them count a specific one. In the example learning card above, you could have children count just the hearts. On a card with octagons, have them count the sides of the shape. There are so many different ways that you can use these cards to help kids get active! Check out the video below to learn more!

Visit the FitNFlash website to learn more and purchase decks for your children or students. Each deck retails for $25. Follow FitNFlash on Twitter and like them on Facebook to keep up with news and tips.


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