Childhood Obesity: Your Guide to Prevention & Understanding

Preventing childhood obesity is something that we feel very strongly about at OurFamilyWorld. For one thing, healthy kids tend to lead to healthier lives overall. We all want our kids to have the best future possible! For another, children who are overweight tend to be bullied more often. As you may know, we are incredibly dedicated to helping stop bullying. We’ve created this childhood obesity guide to help you find all of our articles in one spot. We’ll update it with every new article on the subject, so be sure to bookmark this page now.


Childhood Obesity Prevention Articles

The Facts on Childhood Obesity– Get the rundown on all the pertinent facts about this subject. Knowledge is power, after all. The more you understand about this epidemic, the better choices you can make for your children.

The Problem of Childhood Obesity– Learn more about how this issue became such an epidemic and how it affects families. You’ll also get a few solid tips on how to cope with the issue in your own family.


Prevent Childhood Obesity: Keep Kids from Overeating During the Holidays– The holiday season can be a difficult time to keep a reign on your kids’ eating habits! Check out our tips to keep them from overeating without taking all of the fun out of holiday goodies!


Fad Diets are NOT the Way to Go According to Childhood Obesity Expert Think fad diets will keep your kids from gaining weight or help them lose extra pounds? Think again! Childhood obesity expert Dyan Hes gives us the run-down on the dangers of fad diets for kids.

Healthy School Snacks Can Prevent Childhood Obesity– When school is in session, it can be challenging to keep kids on the right eating path. Especially during their hours away from home.  Learn how healthy school snacks can help both during school hours and after school.


Read Labels to Prevent Childhood Obesity During Back to School Season– It may seem obvious, but reading labels is really important if you want to make sure your kids are eating right. Check out our handy tips on how to understand those labels and make the best choices for your children.

How Personal Trainers Can Fight Childhood Obesity– Have you ever considered hiring a personal trainer to help your child get back into shape? Check out this article to learn how they can help and if they’re right for you.

Hidden Dangers of Using Weight Report Cards to Prevent Childhood Obesity– Many schools now issue “weight report cards” along with regular academic report cards. Is this practice really beneficial, though? Check out the potential hidden dangers of this new system and tell us your opinion.

Fitness Activities and Games


Outdoor Fall Fitness Activities for Kids to Prevent Childhood Obesity– Fall is one of our favorite seasons for getting outdoors as a family and getting active. The weather is just right for these fun fitness activities that help keep kids in shape!

FitNFlash Cards Help Combat Childhood Obesity While Encouraging Learning– We just love these flash cards that get kids up and moving. They also help them learn important educational skills!

Fun Family Activities to Fight Childhood Obesity– These activities get the whole family active together. When you play together, you stay healthier as a family.

Help Combat Childhood Obesity with Eat To Win– Who knew a board game could do so much to help stop childhood obesity! Check out this game and turn your family night into a great lesson on eating right.


Studies about Childhood Obesity

Childhood Obesity will Destroy Your Kid’s Health Now and Later– Childhood obesity doesn’t just affect your child’s health today, it can lead to serious problems later in life too.

Can the Risk of Childhood Obesity Be Predicted at Birth?– One study shows that birth weight and other genetic factors can predict your child’s risk of becoming overweight before he even leaves the maternity ward. What would you do with that information?

The Impact of Income on Childhood Obesity– Studies indicate that children raised in low-income families are more likely to be overweight throughout childhood and into adulthood.

Breastfeeding May Reduce Risk of Childhood Obesity– Find out how breastfeeding can help set your child up for better eating habits and prevent him from becoming overweight in the future.

Letting Your Child Sleep with You May Prevent Childhood Obesity– Discover how co-sleeping may actually help prevent childhood obesity as your child grows!

The Link Between Stress and Childhood Obesity– Researchers long ago linked stress to obesity in adults, but now studies indicate that it can adversely affect your child’s weight too.

Study Shows Obese Kids Get Bullied More Often– Children who are overweight are often more likely to be bullied, according to a study. Check out the details and learn more.

Childhood Obesity Controversy and News Articles


Should Fast Food be Banned from School Zones to Prevent Childhood Obesity?– One town wants to ban fast-food joints from popping up in a certain mile radius of schools. Do you think this is a good way to make sure kids eat healthy?

Childhood Obesity Role Models: Should Athletes Endorse Junk Food?– Athletes are often looked up to by children across the country. When they endorse junk food, it sends a very poor message. Yet, can we blame them? Check out our debate on the topic and weigh in with your thoughts!

Does Homework Contribute to Childhood Obesity? – We love to get creative and spark conversation. In this article, Nicole tackles the subject of how children are becoming overwhelmed with homework, leaving little time for active play.

11 thoughts on “Childhood Obesity: Your Guide to Prevention & Understanding”

  1. I think they should have more home cooked meals instead of take out or grab what you want because the parents aren’t home.

  2. It is really a growing unnoticed problem for children this obesity case – these guide is complete to learn and prevent about it. Nice collection of Ideas here.

  3. I really try to make sure my kids have healthy food choices but do get treats so they don’t feel like overindulging when presented with treats when I am not around, and I encourage them to get lots of physical exercise, especially outdoors.

  4. I really think that the most important things are eating CLEAN and staying active. If the whole family only eats REAL FOOD (not junk food, not processed food, but REAL food) then diets would not be an issue. If the whole family does activities together to keep fit, there would not be any issues. Everyone would be healthy. It’s all the junk put into our foods that causes so many problems.

  5. I agree about those dang fad diets. All we need to do is eat right. I think part of the problem is the “parent” generation is the first real fast food generation where they ate out more often then not as children and now it is a common thing to do with their kiddos. Also, the fact that kids do not play outside and stay active like they used to.

  6. Wow! What a great compilation of articles! I saw there was one about reading labels and I definitely agree with that. My husband and I are big label readers now. We’re careful about what she eats because we don’t want her developing bad eating habits like us, although we are working on ourselves too. :)

  7. Personally I think the problem is kids are not being offered enough healthy food and too many convenience foods and are not getting enough activity. Send your kids out to play and then give then an apple when they come in for a snack!

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