American Fridge Freezers: Not just for America anymore

It might surprise you but American-style fridge freezers have been around for a very long time. And this isn’t 40 or 50 years long time. No, this is 1857 long time. The first cooling appliance was obviously a very large model. It had to be because the ability didn’t exist at the time to make them of a practical size.

However, as time passes, so does technology. Eventually, fridges became smaller, until they were available to fit in almost every kitchen. In homes outside of the US, the most common fridge freezer is a stacked model such as this one:

Although they are also seen in many homes throughout America, the side-by-side is the one most commonly associated with the States.

However, with the global economy in somewhat of a downturn, more and more families are staying at home. Vacations abroad are less common and ‘staycations’ seem to be the most frugal course of action when finances need to be watched.


Of course, a consequence of staying home more is that families will inevitably eat more food. More food means you’ll need more space. Which, of course, is where an American-style comes in handy. On average, there are 400-600 litres of space, compared to a standard model of 150-300 litres.

Families are certainly speculating to accumulate. These appliances, although expensive, prove to be an investment, coming with a wide array of features that extend the lifetime of your food.

I mean, with more space, there’s more room for things like dedicated eco-zones which maintain a separate climate.  The main compartment will often come with air-flow systems so every level is kept at the same temperature. The freezer will be frost-free, preventing ice build up (not to mention saving you a job defrosting every 6 months!) All this extends the food dollar, which is preferable and a welcome relief, given the economic climate.

Granted, you’d expect these things in an appliance that costs so much, which is why it’s the features that are outside which are proving to be very interesting.

I love technology, it’s a great thing to have and although we’re not approaching Star Trek levels of advancement it’s pretty amazing to see what the future has in store.

American Fridge Freezers

Designs for your fridge freezer to have wireless connectivity are already in place. Imagine getting a message on your phone or tablet device telling you that you forgot to close the freezer door. From the freezer itself! Soon, that’s going to be a very real possibility. You’ll be able to ‘scan’ food into the appliance memory, which then remembers what you’ve taken out, prompting you to replenish the milk whilst you’re out and about.

It’s certainly an exciting time to be in the kitchen!


Rachel Hurley is a writer for Appliances Online. She has a 10 week old cat named Alfie James (who is proving to be a handful!) and used to live in Japan. Her fridge is sadly not a side-by-side model. Visit Appliances Online on Facebook or Twitter.

{Images courtesy of Appliances Online & via Pinterest}

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  1. Wow, interesting info! I haven’t given much thought to the history or the future fridges.. but I do know that I really need a knew one soon! LOL at tweeting from the fridge!

    Great post, thanks for sharing!

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