5 Things That Go Through My Head Daily As A Single Mom

Okay, single moms, how about a little parenting humor? Can you relate to these things that go through my head every day?

As a mom, we have many things that run through our heads on a daily basis.  For me, there are about five things that go through my head daily as a single mom.  Being a mom is a tough job.  From finding lost shoes and forgetting lunches, to leaving the coffee on top of your car and not realizing it until you see your beloved morning java running down your windshield, I am sure some of these things have run through your head at some point (tell me I am not alone!).

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Things That Go Through My Head as a Single Mom

“Why am I going to feed them tonight?”

This totally runs through my head just about every day.  I am striving to be a better planner when it comes to meals for the week, but every week I seem to fall short.  Then 5:30 or 6:00 rolls around and these munchkins are hungry.  I scour the fridge and pantry to see what I can whip up with my less than average chef skills and vow (again) to create a weekly menu to make times like this much more manageable.

“Where is your other shoe?”

I am sure this not just unique to single moms, but I feel like every single time I am in a rush to leave, a shoe goes missing.  I try my best to teach my kids to leave their shoes by the door (I don’t like shoes in the house) but for some reason or another, there is always one missing.  It could be the shoe fairy, who sees what a rush we are in and thinks it is funny to play hide and see with the favorite shoe, but I am pretty sure it is my toddler son who would prefer to eat shoes over animal crackers right now.  Note to self: keep shoes in the garage.

“I wish I had a money tree.”

I thought this when I was married too, but being a single mom, I really understand the need for this now.  There is no second income to help with the bills or anything extra.  This is solely on me, and I am 100% ok with that.  Sure, I wish I had a tree that I could pick from when we wanted to go and do fun things, but I do get satisfaction out of working for my babies.  Just know that you are doing the best you can.  Your children will remember the quality time, no matter how it is spent, not what is spent on them.

“I need a timeout (and a shower)”

There are days I wish someone would put me in timeout!  When they’re the only ones home with the kids, Moms, married or single, do not have the luxury of going to the bathroom alone, or taking a shower uninterrupted. Having a toddler running around (a boy at that, I swear he is 10 times the menace my daughter was) and not being able to say, ‘Hey husband, I am going to jump in the shower, watch him’, it tends to be very late at night when I have a chance to rinse off the day (and the sour milk I probably smell like, and the crumbs that ended up in my hair).  There is no one that I can say, ‘You are in charge for 5 minutes.’  Rest assured; your minis will sleep (at some point) and you will be able to grab a shower and feel semi-human again.

“I love you more than anything.”

Something about being a single mom and having sole responsibility for the little humans you created is different than sharing them with a spouse.  Day in and day out they depend on you for every tiny little thing that they need, and you can’t pass that on to someone else.  Potty accident?  That is all you.  Spilled milk?  That too is all you.  Love and hugs and kisses?  Those are all for you as well.  Take a minute each day to just think about that.  When times are stressful (which for me is typically between after school and bedtime), just take a minute to think about those little people and how much they love and need you.  I wouldn’t trade that feeling for the world.

Being a single mom has it’s challenges for sure, but at the end of the day, there is nothing more rewarding.  A deep breath, a quiet (quick) shower (a bath if you are daring) and maybe some hot tea and you get to relax before doing it all over again in the morning.  I am all these little munchkins have, and all I can do is strive to be better everyday.

Are you a single mom or have been at one point?  What are some things that run (or ran) through your head on a daily basis while trying to parent small humans to be responsible people?  Share with us in the comment section below!


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  1. Single parents are epitomes of strength and resiliency. I admire their dedication to be able to provide a good home, education, and food for their kids. They are definitely the best modern day examples of selfless love.

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