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You will reach thousands of customers and readers essentially parents aging between 25 and 34. is an online magazine with an innovative approach. We pride ourselves as the first family online website with a complete family and parenting vision. We are inspired by parents to help other parent, this is who we are. Our bloggers comes from different backgrounds and life experiences and are always looking to write about very sensitive subjects.

We have over 10, 000 Facebook fans, 31, 000 Twitter that we engage on a daily basis in multiple conversations and that are always looking forward to interact and take action. Our readers are among the most faithful in the web as they are always rewarded through interesting contests.

We here offer a unique opportunity to increase your visibility and reach a large basin of families and parents. We commit to helping you to optimizing your advertising experience with by guiding you through all the different media placements we have available.

We offer different advertising packages, choose the one you feel right for you and let our marketing specialists help you personalizing it. Compensation does not influence any information on this website.

  • Banners:
    • 125*125
    • 250*250
    • 728*90
  • Giveaways:

Giveaways are a great way to create buzz about your product. Visit our Giveaway policy for more details. OurFamilyWorld will organize the giveaway, advertise it on Facebook, Twitter and Giveaway sites. All the giveaways are featured on our weekly newsletter. Media partners notice a huge increase in their fan base when we manage their giveaways. You will be responsible for shipping the winning items.

Check some of our giveaways:

Giveaways can be open to US residents only, Canadian residents or to both.

We can also share the news about the giveaways you are hosting. Here is an example:

All the giveaways are shared several times on our social media channels, our weekly newsletter and different giveaway directories.

  • Sponsored Posts

Do you have a news you want to share with our reader? Do you have a new product launch you want us to create buzz about it, then a sponsored post is what you need. Check out these examples:

Mentored: one of our parent tester tested this app with her teen boy.

PAM COOKING SPRY RECIPE AND HACKS:  In this post, I used PAM COOKING SPRAY in one of my recipes and shared useful kitchen hacks.

Snapple® Straight Up Tea™L In this post, one of our bloggers shared her experience with this tea. She went to her local GIANT to buy it and shared pictures of her shopping experience.

Gulf Country Florida: We shared the news about Golf Country Florida

Champion Gear: One of our bloggers bought Champion Gear items and shared her experience.

Big Fish Features: We partner with Big Fish for their game releases. One of our parent tester tries the game and shares the experience with our readers.

We have bloggers located in US and Canada. We will be happy to cover both countries, depending on your needs.

  • Contest or Sale Features

We will be happy to share your contest or sale on our blog.

  • Newsletter mention

We can mention your event, contest, company in our weekly newsletter.

  • Facebook Mentions

We will be glad to publish a pre-written post on our Facebook page

  • Sponsored Tweets

We will tweet your pre-written tweet to our followers.

  • Brand Ambassador programs

If you have a family friendly product and you want to reach North American readers, we will be happy to represent you! Brand ambassador programs may include a side bar advertisement, posts, Facebook mentions and more.

Our brand ambassador experiences include the following brands:

TruMoo Milk : We are proud ambassadors of TruMoo. Blogger Nicole and her son are happy to share their TruMoo experience each month.

Blue Dragon Canada and Patak’s Canada: Each month, I share recipes using products from these wonderful brands. I have been working with them for over 3 years.

Dollar General: Blogger Nicole shares her crafts and tips using Dollar General supplies.

If you have any questions or request further details, we would love to answer them. Contact Jason  at: [email protected]

Thank you for considering working with us.

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