Lunch recipes for kids: Back to school ham & cheese pinwheel sandwich

Finding lunch recipes for kids for back to school can be challenging.  The easiest thing for me to make for them is a sandwich. The kids don’t want a sandwich every day for their lunch so I need to come up with other lunch recipes for kids that are easy. I love making pinwheel sandwiches for back to school.  They are fun to eat and very versatile.  You can make a pinwheel sandwich with a variety of different types of fillings that even your pickiest eater will ask for over and over again.

Lunch recipes for kids: Back to school

Lunch recipes for kids: Back to school ham & cheese pinwheel sandwich


  • Tortillas or sandwich wraps
  • Mayonnaise or cream cheese
  • Sandwich meat of your choice
  • Cheese of your choice
  • Fresh spinach or leaf lettuce


Lunch recipes for kids: Back to school

  1. I used a spinach sandwich wrap in my pinwheel sandwich recipe.  Sandwich wraps are thinner and also easier to roll up than a tortilla. You can use a tortilla if that is what you have.
  2. Place the sandwich wrap or tortilla on a cutting board.
  3. Spread mayonnaise or softened cream cheese on the sandwich wrap or tortilla almost to the very end. This will help hold the pinwheel together when you roll it.
  4. Place the the cold cuts on top of the mayonnaise or softened cream cheese. Leave about half an inch space from the outside of the sandwich wrap or tortilla.
  5. Place the cheese on top of the cold cuts.  Thinly sliced cheese and cold cuts are easiest to use in a pinwheel sandwich. You do not want it to be too bulky or it won’t roll well.
  6. Place leaf lettuce or fresh spinach in the center of the sandwich wrap or tortilla, on top of the sliced cheese.
  7. Very slowly, starting from the end nearest to you, roll the sandwich wrap or tortilla to the other side.
  8. Press down lightly as you are rolling.  The mayonnaise or cream cheese will help seal the edges of the pinwheel sandwich when it is rolled.
  9. Carefully cut off each end of the pinwheel sandwich roll so that you don’t have any part of it that is not completely full.
  10. Then, slice off slices of the pinwheel sandwich roll that are one inch thick and arrange on a plate.

If the pinwheel sandwich slices do not stay together well, you can hold them together with toothpicks.

What are your favorite lunch recipes for kids for back to school time? Have you ever made pinwheel sandwiches for your child?


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  1. I am not a kid but I’ll take one :-). They look delicious and healthy.

  2. Great ideas! Yummy

  3. D@TheShadyPorch says:

    Nice healthy lunch that is fixed in a fun way! Great idea. Thanks for sharing, D@TheShadyPorch

  4. Oh, that looks great and healthy!

  5. Wow – these look amazing!

  6. These are fun! Even as an adult, food being in fun shapes makes eating it more enjoyable. :)

  7. My family would love those. They like things that are playful.

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