Well Bust My Buttons! DIY Button Wreath

by femiakatie


DIY Button Wreath

During the holiday season, children love the idea of giving gifts just as much as they do receiving them. Nothing is as exciting as watching them put their heart into making a gift for another family member or special friend.

If you are looking for a simple holiday gift for children to make, why not consider a button wreath ornament? Button wreath ornaments require just a few simple items and very little time. The best part? There is no big mess to clean up afterwards either! They are sweet little holiday mementos that allow your child to participate in the gift giving during the season, plus they are a fun way to spend some family time together.

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Festive Front DIY Wreath


Simple Supply List:

Supply for Button Wreath


Tips and Tricks:

Look to use buttons with larger holes. It will make it easier for little hands to slide the buttons on the pipe cleaner. If you can’t find green, red, or holiday colored buttons, you can always give the wreath a quick spray of spray paint ( Green and red are .99 at Walmart) to give it some holiday color.

Looking for more?

When stringing on buttons you can talk about pattern building with your little ones. This is an early mathematics skill and children start noticing patterns around them at a young age. Talk to them about the patterns they are making, the sizes and shapes of the buttons they are using, and the shape of the wreath. These are all early math skills hard at work! An activity such as this is also ideal for encouraging fine motor skills and coordination. It is play time at its best!

So gather up your supplies and head to the table! Children will love making these special gifts all on their own!

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