Unlock Nature’s Beauty at Lake LBJ

Looking for a great place to take your family on vacation? Consider exploring Texas’ Lake LBJ. One of the Highland Lakes in Central Texas just north of Austin, this lake is one of Texas’ hidden gems. It offers a variety of water sports and stunning views that the whole family will love. Built at the confluence of the Colorado and Llano Rivers the lake covers 6,534 spectacular acres surrounded by some of the most beautiful homes in Texas. Named after former President Lyndon Baines Johnson, the lake and the nearby Marble Falls has enough entertainment to keep your family happy for the entire summer.

Fun on the Water at Lake LBJUnlock Nature’s Beauty at Lake LBJ

Water sports are big on Lake LBJ. Families can go boating, ride jet skis, kayak or fish for several species of Bass, Crappie and Catfish. Children just love the water park at the yacht club and marina. The water is cool and welcoming and fun is in unlimited supply. Whether swimming, boating or just sitting quietly with their feet in the water, visitors to the lake are always highly entertained. Would be fisher folk need no high tech tackle to snare their fish. Even those imaginative youngsters fishing with a bit of line and makeshift hook and bait can experience the excitement of a wiggling fish on the end of their line. It is an experience that can hook them too and bring them back to the lake many times.

The Texas sky over the lake seems to go on forever. With billowy, white clouds floating over the face of a beautiful blue sky, everything seems at peace. Neither economics nor social situation can take away from the enjoyment of a day or two at the lake. In fact, many of the pleasures of this lake and all the others in the Highland Lakes region are free or nearly free.

Accommodation Options at Lake LBJ

Accommodations at the lake are diverse. One can choose from lakeside lodges, resorts or beautiful, quaint lakeside homes. For those who want to experience the lake region in all its natural glory, campsites are available. Here families can bond under the starry, broad Texas skies and share tales of family friends and fun. The stars seem brighter over the water and walks along the lake at night can create memories to last a lifetime. It will inspire youngsters to appreciate nature’s power and beauty.

Dry Land Options for Exploring the Great Outdoors

Unlock Nature’s Beauty at Lake LBJ
A visit to nearby Longhorn Caverns State Park can add adventure to your family excursion. Formed by dissolving limestone carved into intricate and delicate designs by underground streams over many thousands of years, these caverns are a natural wonder. Children’s faces will light up with fascination when they see this incredible work shaped by nature’s own hands. The caverns lead deep underground and reveal a window on the workings of the geological forces which molds the planet.

You can then hike at the Canyon of the Eagles and see the vastness of Texas from another unique prospective. Here slow moving armadillos, singing Golden-cheeked Warblers, majestic Bald Eagles and all manner of birds and insects fill the area with a symphony of sound. One can also explore Enchanted Rock State Park for a day of hiking, picnicking and appreciating the uniqueness of one of the country’s largest rock formations.

Yes, a trip to Lake LBJ is an experience of a lifetime, offering families a chance to unlock and explore the natural beauty of Central Texas.

About the author
Tracey Louis is a former resident and innkeeper of Burnet, TX and loved the area so much that she still helps promote Burnet County and the  Highland Lakes  for the Burnet County Tourism Office. For more information on upcoming events at The Highland Lakes on Facebook or on Twitter.